Books on Moving & Change For Kids

Hey hey, it's our last week at this beach winter rental, we have been here since late summer and I will miss it so much. More on that later but for now we have been packing and getting stuff to storage and other stuff ready to move to our summer rental. But before the packing I made sure (like pretty much any other experience the girls have had ) I made sure we talked things through, accepted big feelings (and that mixed feelings were normal!) we shed some tears and read a lot of books on moving and change.

This will be our 5th move in the last year, since leaving NYC mid-pandemic and well I will tell you two things.

1. It does not get easier.

2. Books help talk through it all.

Here are some of our favorite books that we either have or have read on Epic. All which I think are great to have or gift to someone going through the same.

  1. Moving House

  2. It's Moving Day

  3. Goodbye Friend, Hello Friend (this one is great for any type of change, a beautiful book!)

  4. Big Ernie's New Home

  5. Before I Leave (such a sweeeeet book)

  6. Home Is a Window (for the city kiddos!!)

  7. Invisible String (one that is incredible for loss, for separation anxiety, for missing family and saying goodbye, everyone should have this in their library)

  8. Moving With Kids (great for a parent wanting to help their kiddos)

  9. Boomers Big Day

  10. Great Big Move

  11. Evelyn Del Rey is Moving Away

  12. Moving to the Neighborhood

  13. Moving Away Will Be Okay

  14. The Bernstein Bears Moving Day

  15. My Very Exciting Sorta Scary Big Move

I keep telling myself that all of this will make them more resilient and reminding them that being sad, frustrated, excited, happy all at once is ok. It's our motto of the year, these feelings are big, real and ok to have.

I truly hope these help you get through any tough move or change you and you littles are going through.



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