Celebrating One More Trip Around The Sun

Well hey there,

This past weekend was me and my twins 37th birthday! EEEEk. Last year we celebrated in Switzerland (where my twin brother and his wife/family live) and goodness it was special. I would have loved to have spent it somewhere with all of us together but a Pandemic Birthday (it's an actual thing!) was not having any of that. For some life goes on as normal but for others like our family we still have to be extremely careful, with three of us being extremely high risk. I won't lie watching life go on for so many, listening to people talk about how it's all a hoax and a mask is against their rights makes me want to cry. But we have made the best out of everything and remaining positive! My birthday was a reflection of that for sure, shout out to my sis and mom for making it super special.

I use to feel smothered by the thought of a birthday but since having the girls I have loved celebrating them. One more trip around the sun where I have grown in so many ways. Walking away from 36 wiser, more confident and more sure than ever on my purpose. I am honored to be here, to have this chance to keep living. And here to remind you that the fog eventually clears.

A year ago I knew there was more that I wanted to do, more that I wanted to share and really launch here on my website. And this last year, I got to work with a few clients in launching their businesses, others for organizing their lives (and home) and some I even helped decorated their home. I got to help 13 women one on one (more if I count those of you who come back to my blog day after day) be the best versions of themselves. The mere thought of this brings a big smile to my face, because this is my purpose and I don't know how it will unfold into more but I do know that it makes me so happy to know you are here for it.

2020 has been a challenging year in SO many ways. But I have made a really strong effort in reminding myself that with challenges you can either stall or pivot, I am choosing 37 to be the year that I pivot. The year that I strengthen my base and be unapologetically ME. And I hope you continue on the journey.

So happy birthday to me, happy birthday to this new journey and new chapter of life. Most of all, happy birthday to the year of the pivot (and happy birthday to my twin, I love you!)