Earth Day: 28 Crafts With Recyclable Materials

Hello my loves,

There is no hiding it, April is my favorite Spring month. There is just so much hope as we start seeing all of the colors start to bloom. The trees start to flower and the warm air teases us with the scent of summer and even the rain showers are just heavenly. Especially as things are so much better than last year! I also love celebrating Earth Day with the girls.

I believe that there are so many little ways to celebrate and honor Earth every day but this month we always put more effort into it. One of the things we do all year round is use recyclable materials for all sorts of crafts. And well I thought I'd share a round-up of fun crafts you can do with your kiddos this month and beyond.

We usually save egg cartons, boxes, paper rolls, squeeze pack tops and bottles, so I divided these into those categories. I will most of the time I let the girls direct any crafts with just an invitation to create, supplies, candles and snacks spread out on the table with music too. I am going to share a little video soon on my favorite way to set up.

Egg Cartons ( we all have a ton of these from dyeing eggs right now!)

  1. Egg Carton Flowers, this garden is cute too (you can add these to your pretend store for the kids to play with!)

  2. Egg Carton lady bugs!

  3. Egg Carton light, omg this looks incredible!

  4. Mermaid egg carton, Zoe just said ummm yeah I am making that.

  5. Egg carton Wall hanging looks like a great little photo backdrop for spring parties, or maybe for Mother's Day!

  6. Pirate treasure chest and other fun activities.

  7. Egg carton masks!


  1. Cereal box aquarium!

  2. Cardboard sunflower looks so pretty, you can either put it together and let them paint it or just show them the inspo photo and let them create there own.

  3. I would totally make these animal faces with cardboard or recycled paper!

  4. Cardboard mini guitars look so fun!!

  5. Cardboard & Gem houses.

  6. Cardboard tv, definitely for older kids but could be fun to do together.

  7. Cardboard dominoes! or any matching game!


  1. Recycled Bottle Garden Art

  2. Fairy House, we will be doing this one!

  3. These plastic bottle planters.

  4. These glass wine bottle vases are AMAZING.

  5. Plastic bottle airplane.

  6. This plastic bottle house craft, is incredible! I would let the girls decorate the outside too!

  7. Calm down, sensory bottles are so fun. I am going to make a couple for our calm down corner.

Paper Roll

  1. Roll aliens is a great one, they can just have fun with it.

  2. Butterfly ones are great too, they can practice their cutting skills with the wings.

  3. This car one with the tops to pouches is one the girls have done so many times.

  4. Rocket Ships!

  5. Paper Roll Dragon this could be a great calm down activity for helping kids take deep breaths while breathing into the dragon.

  6. This horse is fun (Always remember that it doesn't have to be exact, use what you have and give the kids an inspo photo!)

  7. I loved this little castle!

Let's not forget that the bin to store the materials is just as important (to keep mom sane) as the materials themselves.

My Container - Rectangle Weave - Adorable Pom Pom

I love the idea of not wasting anything but more than that I love sparking creativity with the girls and letting them make something out of nothing. I will say this, I HATE that they want to keep allll the boxes and things they make so we have a specific rule of having to gift their creations in order to make more... hahaha!

I look forward to sharing more Earth Day themed posts this month!



PS would you guys like to see more of the materials I give and have given the girls access to? How about the invitation to a craft? Can I share more of that in a separate post?

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