Easy Floral Arrangement Tip For A Pro Look

Well hey there, happy new month! We had a tough May over here but I am determined to take things up a notch and truly share the content that brings me joy on here, the content I know all of you follow me for. Time for expanding on how we make life, our home, our wardrobe and our job things we love. Pouring energy into the parts of life that bring me joy in hopes to feel and inspire that energy and joy and love around all of us.

Now onto todays post, a hack and a message close to my heart. It is no secret that my most favorite way to enhance our home, dinner table or get together is a beautiful arrangement of flowers. I credit it on my sister working at a floral department in a supermarket, where she learned so much but also was really incredible at making even the simplest flowers beautiful. I took all of her tips and knowledge and my love for flowers to create my own professional looking arrangements.

I truly enjoy making things a little "extra". It's almost a form of self love for me, a well styled home, a decorated counter top, or simply setting the table once a week (like I did above) by pulling out a table cloth (even with 50 cent plates!), a beautiful floral arrangement and something as small as filling a pitcher with ice water, and lemon can bring your family together for a meal and etch a memory. You almost want to eat slower and savor in not just the table setting but the people around that table. Creating and stretching every day moments into something you really really love and enjoy.

This little hack has been my key to styling flowers in a larger vase for years now and I wanted to share it with you. I also want you to know that you don't have to spend a ton or wait for a super special occasion to do this.

I also urge you to look beyond the box and fill your basket with inexpensive "filler flowers" and one base flower for your arrangement. Also any vase or pitcher will do but the wider/larger the better for this trick, since it simply allows you to fill

1. Use clear tape to create a grid! If you use a glass vase it will hide the ends of the tape but I don't mind because the flowers really hide it.

2. Trim flowers (always cut at an angle) to match the height you are looking for, I like them to be all different heights because it gives the arrangement texture and height. I promise I will share a video on my Instagram exactly how I do it the next time I buy flowers!

3. Place each type of flower in the square grid, I like to arrange each type of flower at once so that I can spread them out evenly before moving on to the next bloom.

Easy peasy! And I am telling you the more you arrange them this way the more you play around with it the better you get at it. I love creating one for the dining table, the entry and the kitchen counter. Makes me so happy and does not have to cost a lot!

Here is to a summer of making even the smallest moments as special as can be because if there was anything that 2020 taught is was to relish in the little happy moments!



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