Find Your Passion Mama

We are on a little staycation in Amagansett, NY, by the beach and just really enjoying a slow paced suburban life. And you guys the beach is a walk from here. Goodness gracious there is something pretty incredible about sea air to just help reset, I feel like it clears all of my energy and the fog that that life can bring. Allowing my to really hyper focus on some big things that I am putting into action this year.

I have been starting to plan out my "Mamas that Rock" interviews for this year, which is a series that highlights some incredible mamas that are living THEIR dream, we dig into all the good stuff in the interviews so be prepared for a relaunch of this series soon!! And the more I plan the more that it has me thinking about the importance of finding your passion as a mama. Finding your side hustle, your hobby or even your next career that you ACTUALLY LOVE. This whole search is less about survival and more about filling that tank of yours with moments that bring you joy and fulfillment that have nothing to do with anyone else but YOU. Crazy right? In this whole journey of motherhood I have let all of those thoughts of what brings me joy outside of my family to the far left, wwaayyyy left.

One of the goals I wrote out for 2020 simply says, find the things that bring me joy in a way that I walk away a better version of myself. And I know that I have also said this many times before, but this blog is one of those things. Writing, sharing and inspiring women to be the best versions of themselves has really been something that is important to me. And this blog is a space that I can do that but this year I plan on taking it to the level that I always imagined it. So be prepared for more here.

Now back to you, I want you to sit down and on blank sheet of paper start listing the things that you do that have nothing to do with your family and/or your job that get you excited and bring you the first date butterflies.

Do you enjoy planning parties, decorating for friends? Is it creating recipes, making bows or designing clothing? Is it arranging flowers or photography. Is it reading the new books? Or training for marathons? Do you want to open a store? Do you want to turn your hobby into a class for others, take your essential oil obsession into a bill paying side gig? Girl, whatever the heck it is, I want you to write it down. And I want you think of how good it would feel to have that other consistent thing in your life that brings you joy. **other meaning besides your sweet babies, hubby/family.

I am going to use myself as an example, I'd love to write more authentic from the heart pieces here on the blog, to hopefully help inspire other mamas and I'd love to bring more new readers to my blog that really connect with what I am sharing. Because to be completely transparent sometimes I feel like no one is there, so more true engagement to these posts from the heart, more women that I can inspire and help is really important for me to keep my momentum here.

Then I want you to write one thing that you can do every day this week to make that dream possible? (If you are stuck here email me, I want to help you.) For me it's going to be that I am going to publish 3 or more new posts every week. With one post being from the Mama Diaries series where I am just sharing something completely from the heart with no real intentions other than to maybe connect with someone feeling or going through the same thing.

Please share your lists on your stories and tag me, because I want to hold each other accountable!!