Five Friday Favorites - Cold Weekend Edition

(unicorn and santa pjs!)

We are on the mend but with Ami's lingering cough still not getting any sleep! Which of course has me only thinking about how good tomorrow will feel. We have very little planned although I am going to need a big ol' cocktail and nice blow out to help me feel alive. Here are five Friday favorites winter weather edition.

1. Saw these winter boots, and REALLY NEED them.

2. This faux fur collar can easily spruce up any coat, just ordered and SO excited. (ps I think I need this vest too!)

3. Fleece lined leggings are pretty amazing, and honestly a must on frigid days.

4. These fur slippers are just perfect for staying in.

5. Fleece sheets, yup as incredibly ridiculous as it sounds they are just what is needed for ice cold weekend of staying in bed.

Happy weekend my loves.