Friday Favorites

Hey hey Happy Friday!

We are off on a road trip (just us girls) for our (second) annual Vermont weekend and I am SO excited for all of it. Not looking forward to the ride but I am sooooo thrilled to have some cousin time for the girls, in the beautiful picturesque town of Weston with a lot of holiday fun. I thought I'd stop in with some Friday favorites, and commonly asked for links.

I am a huge fan of all the Uniqulo HeatTech collection, they are a must for playing in the snow but also for layering city kids for being outside. Really loving these lined sweats and matching sweater, Santa may bring these to the girls!

Me and the girls have Sorel boots but I am on the hunt for a slimmer pair then my Joan of Artic ones for walking in the city and I LOVE these. The girls have these and they are perfect for walking in the city but also when we are in the burbs and playing outside every day. I suggest sizing up for thick wool socks like these and making it easier to put on and take off, plus they'll last longer with these growing kiddos. (Ami is now wearing Zoe's hand me downs because the quality is amazing).

And speaking of winter gear why is it so hard to find waterproof gloves and mittens this time of year?? I borrowed these from my cousin for Zoe becuase she found the gloves hard to manage in the snow and they are so amazing I had to order some for both girls.

So many questions on which Instant Pot I have and this deal is too good to pass up for an 8qt with the yogurt setting! If we had the space I'd have two, it's my secret weapon in the kitchen. This Ninja with an Instant Pot and air fryer has great reviews. Also, we got our first snow and goodness it got me right into the holiday spirit! But reminded me I need a heavier coat, I have this one from Universal Standard it's stylish and warm. I really love it for every day but thinking this long one is something I need for the REALLY cold park dates. (I love this back pack too!)

These Nose Frieda bath bombs are incredible, I make my own bath bombs for the girls (recipe coming soon) but these are just so great to have on hand for sick days. I also am a stickler for diffusing Thieves essential oil blend all winter long.

I have used these baskets all around our apartment to keep like things organized. I love that they are look great on shelves and can keep bigger baskets from being messy.

I get asked about my water bottle every time I show it on stories, I love how sleek it is, so many color options too, I have the 28 ounce in midnight black. I am tempted to recycling all the ones we have and getting 5 of these to have on hand for any beverages.

I have been doing these facial massages with my brightening oil every morning, and with my cleansing balm every night. I SWEAR I see a difference. Working on a little winter skincare post for the weekend because I know my skin sure has seen a change and is soooo dry, so watch out for it.

Have a great weekend!!!



PS all of my holiday gift guides will be going up early next week. All at one times, and they will be gifts I am actually giving or have given. And a few homemade gift ideas too.