Friday Favorites

Happy Fricken Friday.

Oh my goodness this was a long one my friends. A long one for sure. Will not bore you with the details but we finally made it. This full moon has been messing with everything, including my emotions. My little babe Amani turned 3 yesterday and it has me wondering where the time went. We have a full on three-ager and it's all sorts of crazy pants for sure, but also SO much fun.

Went back to my 5am wakes so that I could have some alone time every morning, even if it's 15 minutes of stretching or meditating I find that it's a much better start. I shared on Instagram that I bought this juicer (we have a really nice one in our storage unit back home but it was too big for this tiny kitchen). I felt like I needed one here so that I could get back to starting my day with some celery juice and not having to blend and strain the celery juice is SO much easier. I have used it 4 times this week and so far it works really well, and I LOVE the size of it. I just ordered this set of bottles to store my juices and these 32 ounce mason jars for my smoothies.

I have started planning our tot school schedule and will share a little outline on what we will be doing, weekly themes and some resources. Hoping I can get it all done and into a post this weekend. Which reminds me I need to order some stuff to organize all of our tools and daily busy boxes. Have been searching for a ton of activities on this site and a few others. More on that next week!

I loved this post on 2020 goals, do you set goals or resolutions? I know I wrote my post here on my year to come.

I have been shopping lots of sales because I am on the hunt for some cold weather pieces for the girls, so I ordered these HEATTECH turtlenecks and leggings (which are on sale!) to layer under dresses. I also really love the ribbed tights & bodysuit for me (I wear these often!), and these lined sweatpants for the girls.

And speaking of winter, anyone else pale as a ghost? I felt like I needed a little something so I bought these tanning drops, and I really love the glow. Only thing I am not a huge fan of is the smell, I have been using it every few days.

This is the top I wore on New Years Eve and it is the cutest slouchy glittery top, even for someone like me that never goes out. I also bought this knit dress, this snakeskin print dress & this lace top. Now I just need some date nights on the calendar! I have also an extreme need to finish up our apartment, I got these towels to hang in the girls bathroom and may buy these to replace our daily bath towels. Also this deal on our favorite pajamas is WAY too good to pass up.

As much as I could use a snowstorm this weekend to keep us in, we have abnormally warm weekend ahead of us and lots to do. I am going to be working on the girls thank you cards, we have 2 birthday parties (this is my favorite gift to give) and hopefully doing something fun with them for Ami's birthday (maybe maybe ice skating or a museum).

And whatever you have planned I hope that you take some time for yourself mamas because I know I will be at least getting away to write!

Happy Friday