Friday Favorites Loungewear

Well, heyyy look at me sharing a post I have been promising?!?

Can I tell you how much I miss having all of my stuff?! Oh man I really do. I am currently missing my lounge sets, I packed two and that was it. Now I am hunting for a few to get me through my "teaching gig" hahaha!! But seriously, there is nothing like cozy set that also looks good.

Here are a few that I've found while shopping.

1. Wide-Leg Lounge Set

2. Light Sage Jogger Set

3. Thermal Cullotte Set

4. 4 Piece Lounge Set

5. Knit Set (the one I had on today, have LOVED!)

6. Teddy Set (have never ordered from here but the reviews are pretty good for $25!)

7.Ribbed Knit PJ Set

8. Button Top Lounge Set (ordered this one!)

9. Teddy 3 Piece PJ & Robe Set (I ordered this because OMG looks perfect for weekends!)

10. Short Sleeve Sweatsuit (under $20 and so cute)

11. Zip Camo Set ($25 bucks!)

12. This little thermal set is one of my favorite things, I wear under winter garments but perfect for sleeping.

13. Slouchy set, a splurge but soooooo cozy, and putting this on my wish list.

14. This tye-dye set is so cute and comes in a lot of colors.

15. V-Neck Pullover Sweater, these are separates.

16. Bi-Coastal Set - so friggen cute, pricier than the others but I love all Free People sets I have seen.

Happy Friday!