Friday Favorites Valentine's Day

Oh hello hello hello. The week is finally ended and I am more than thrilled. This week was completely draining, both emotionally and physically. And I could not be more ready for a new month!!! It also happens to be a month of love and friendship which I have come to really appreciate. Here are a few links that I am loving lately.

I quickly "decorated" for V-Day, upon Zoe's request, with these placemats, these heart plates and cloth napkins to set the table.

I poured these chocolate kisses in these canisters.

This little garland would be so cute (we have a similar one hanging over the girls work station).

I gave these towels to my cousin as a little hostess gift, and I love these mugs. This heart pillow is just so cute. And I love this doormat because it's a little Valentine's Day-ish but also super cute.

I am listening to Such A Fun Age, and really enjoyed it, light and fun. Also really loved, Garlic & Saphires and would love some recommendations for my next fun read.

Follow this board on Pinterest for ideas For The Game this weekend. And if your looking for some Valentine's Day ideas these books are our favorites!

This weekend I am going to be putting together the girls v-day gift baskets and sharing that, as well as rounding up some of our favorite free printable's that we have been loving for Amani's tot-school, so stay tuned.

Hope you all have something great (or nothing at all like us, which is great for me!) planned.