Friday Favorites, Want Right Now

Weekend is here!! It was our first full school week and activities in a while and I think we all felt it. But just in time the weekend saves the day. Lazy slow day and currently finishing this post late, in bed all cuddled up with the girls. I try and do a load of laundry first thing in the morning every weekday, (I rotate darks and lights) that way I can dry and fold/put away during my morning clean up but on Fridays I try and make sure there is no dirty laundry. I clean out the fridge, meal plan and put in a grocery order to be delivered Saturday morning. I also make sure to run the dish washer and empty it, this way we start clean for the weekend.

Beautycounter is having their Black Friday sale early, 15% off and free shipping over $50! I have some of my favorite holiday sets on this post, and will be stocking up on this set for the girls, plus the shampoo that I use on myself. Dew Skin and the concealer pen are two other things I always buy when there is a sale!

I have needed something I can watch after the girls get to bed and I work on some projects, so I started re-watching Parenthood on HULU and goodness that show is so good.

Thanksgiving is next week so I have been saving all of my favorites outfit options on my LikeItToKnow app, are you guys on that? I plan on sharing more there. And in a couple weeks we are heading to Vermont for our second annual girls trip and I am dying for this sweater to pair with my cashmere leggings by the fire. Also, I lost my black hat and have decided that I need to invest in one I love, I do wear them a TON so it's worth it.

This little transforming duo is really incredible, it looks different on everyone, moisturizing and not sticky. One of my favorite gifts to give but it will sell out so hurry.

My skin has been so dry lately, definitely that dry winter feeling, so I ordered this brush to help with daily exfoliating in the bath, I use a pump or two of this oil in the bath (pricey but the quality and scent is amazing).

I also found a better price on epsom salt, it comes in three bags so it's easier to store too. I add 2 cups of epsom salt, 1/4 cup of baking soda and a couple drops of lavender essential oil as my detox bath. A couple times a week and it helps with bloating, boost my immune system and sleep!

I hope you all have some fun stuff planned for the weekend or better yet a weekend of rest before the mayhem starts.

Happy weekend my friends.