Gifts For Baby & Toddler

Well hey there! I am hoping to finish up my shopping this week/weekend so I thought I'd get these up for all of you beating shipping delays.

Thoughtful gifts for baby and toddler on one post. Scroll through and let me know what you are shopping for! Next up I will post, kids and tweens! And I am also planning on a small business gift guide featuring Black, Brown and Woman owned businesses by the end of the week.

I found myself getting overwhelmed with shipping times, and some trouble shipping to our address which has been paralyzing me a bit. When this happens I create a list of gifts for each of the girls, using what they have talked about throughout the year, what they have asked Santa for and what they need/actually use. I even write out stocking stuffers since I tend to over buy, and it really really helps me.


These dolls are just so cute, I am sending to my niece and nephew.

These stacking cups are a great toy that they will play with for many years, in the bath, in a water table or even as a teether.

Wooden rings, they will use now and later!

These chewbeads, silicone teethers.

These Sarah Silk scarves are just magical and can be used for years of pretend, peekaboo and even just a sensory tool.

Musical instrument Set is still a hit in my house I'd grab a soft basket set like this to present different toys out for babies to choose from.

This soft farm set.

The sleekest ball pit!

This play gym is what I wish I would have gotten for the girls, so cute and sleek.

We had one of these fun Wooden Activity Cube and they played with for years.

Push toy, wooden and just so cute, I love this rattan one too.

Indestructible books are so fun for babies, and easy to carry around.

I love these essentials that babies will need as gifts, sleep sacks,

cute leather moccasins,

Bubbles machine.

This adorable rattle or we have this beaded one and it was a favorite for both girsl, it can be a great stocking stuffer or small practical gift for baby.

These suction cups are also great, for the floor or high chair and even for the fridge when mama needs baby to stay busy. Later they are great for the bath or water table.

Stacking toys but made out of silicone can be a great gift.

This Rody toy has brought endless play time, and some sensory movement for both girls.

For toddler gifts, I like to think of the way my girls play. Lot's of make pretend, lots of building and anything small and cute or baby doll related is huge. So think about the way your kiddo plays and start there. For us it is also important for toys to grow with them, and for them to expand imaginations and play independently so I am going with that theme in this gift guide, plus a few things I know the girls have and LOVE.


For big gifts, I love a play kitchen (This Hape one is so cute, we have this one and I love this way expensive one but it's so pretty and my girls do play with theirs EVERY DAY), with kitchen toys like this blender, or mixer, and I am getting Ami this little toast set.

a wooden tea set, and plate set.

I love wooden blocks, (I am adding these to the set Birdie has!) wooden nesting rainbow, and these these wooden dolls that can extend play with the blocks.

I also think these could be so fun for a toddler and beyond.

A table with chairs (I love this mid century one, this modern one and I think we'll get this grow with me set in our next house.)

These little mop and broom set is something the girls play with every day! And of course a little vacuum or cleaning set.

These little veggie set is really cute, soft and the girls love playing with them. They also have this cutting set, it all can be used to teach fractions, play kitchen or sorting (Which Ami is very into right now.

Wooden triangle ladder is a fun toy, especially during the winter months, we were thinking of getting something similar.

This little play sink is endless amount of fun, I may get one for the girls to share.

The girls asked for magic wands so I am giving them these in their stocking!

A balance bike or scooter is also a great idea for kiddos, and perfect way to get the wiggles out!

We have a balance board the girls love using it.

This slide is sleek and so cute for an indoor playroom!

Birdie wants a skateboard, or roller skates!

We are thinking about getting the girls a bigger doll house that they can both use at the same time.

I have stocking stuffers here. Her here. Him and more kiddo ones coming up next!

Have a great one!



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