Gifts For Everyone

I have wrapped almost all of my gifts (waiting on a few more) and have a couple I want to grab from local businesses but this is the earliest I have done!

I have been keeping a note on my phone with what I have been buying and for who, this week I am going to highlight what has come in and when I wrap it. We have been having trouble with shipping (one company in particular so I really wanted to finish early).

Robe, for someone tough to shop for but everyone needs something so cozy!

Soap and lotion set, I sent this to Zoe's teacher for her birthday/holiday gift! I sent it to like three other people as gifts with one of these beautiful hand towels, (I got this set for another friend too as a holiday/housewarming gift!) something you KNOW they will use and they are beautiful + clean safe products!

Letter mug, Got these for a friend who needed some cheering up, small and perfect little something, also great for a stocking (but they didn't have both the girls initials) I also love these oversized latte mugs. I would pair with these hot chocolate stirring spoons!

Decanter set is beautiful! I sent to a friend who bought her first home earlier this year,

Sonos Move, on my hubbys wish list, perfect for the guy that has everything.

Pre-ordered this wireless Sonos for the hubby and thought it would be a perfect gift.

I love this smokeless firepit, we got one during Black Friday a few years ago and wishing we had it at this rental!

I asked for one of these for Christmas because we love "bubble water" in this house and I love the idea of flavoring my own with homemade fruit juices!!

I got Ami some wooden loose parts for our collection, she loves sorting, building, and playing with all kinds of toys and things so I thought this rainbow and some wooden people would make awesome gifts for her (And honestly Zoe will use too!)

Zoe got this little play-doh oven for her birthday and both girls are over the moon with it. We are a huge play-doh family and it's something they can do together.

I got this top and joggers for hubby, and after seeing it in person I may get another set. It is so soft and so cute. I got this crew neck top too!

I got the girls these socks to color!!

This magnetic pick up tool is perfect small gift or for a stocking.

I got this little mannequin for Z to make doll clothing, this (and this set would be cute, I think it's for barbie clothes though) for some easy dresses she can make. Will show the fabric I got from Michaels too!

This little science kit.

I got this lego set for my cousins little one, the girls really wanted to give him legos since that is what they play with him!

This is the book writing set you guys went nuts for on IG, I am most excited about this and the sewing set, oh and maybe the bike that santa is getting!

Frozen lego set from Dada to Ami (they love doing legos together, we got this one for Zoe this summer and she loves)

Thermal PJ set! for a friend I cannot see.

This wine and water decanter set I got something similar for a housewarming set but this one is stunning. And 25% off.

I was thinking I would get this for O, so sleek and something he will use as he loves his water.

These Sorel boots are such a good deal! I got them to replace some super old snow boots O has.

This sweater set is so cute! Perfect for working from home and for the girl that has everything, ahemmm my sister. This one is a budget one (under $25!!), that I just ordered for myself, ahemmmm.

I got this pullover for my cousin, and I feel like it's the perfect thing to wear with a pair with joggers. Cozy but still looks put together. ($30 bucks + 20% off!)

I hope these help with some last minute shopping! I have two more gift guides I am going to work on, one on books for everyone on your list, one breaking down the stocking for the girls, subscription gifts and maybe I'll search some small businesses that can get in on time!

Is there anyone you are stumped shopping for?

Happy Monday!



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