Gifts For Him

My hubby is the hardest to shop for so I try and keep a list of things he has needed or things that would make life easier for him. These are things I have gifted or that he has and loves. I have no idea what I am gifting him this year, just so dang hard to shop for!

This Sonos is wireless, perfect for taking out to the deck or a garage while he works.

I also bought O this Sonos bar for the TV one year and it's great gift.

O is a shoe guy so I know I cannot go wrong with a pair of Cole Haan shoes, these he has had a couple editions of. Waterproof too!

You cannot go wrong with a nice puffer jacket ( I love the color) he won't get for himself,

or wool socks you know he will use and look nice!

A beautiful Shinola watch at this price, is a steal and again something he will always use. I got O this watch box that looks so nice on our dresser.

I love Banana Republic scarves, hats and these leather gloves! Things he needs and you can swap out the old stuff he uses year after year!

This little grill master kit is something my hubby would love and actually use, we got him a set like this one year that he use to use all the time to grill (cannot wait for a house to unpack our storage unit!)

Ipad is another big gift but one O uses every day. If your guy has one, maybe add this pen to it.

These Nike joggers and pullover could be a nice change to the sweats your guy has worn working from home the several months.

These loafer slippers and sweats robe with a Yeti coffee tumbler (this one would fit better in a cup holder!)

I love this cut of denim!

Love these Raybans, O has these aviator ones are fab too.

This Camel coat from $500 to under $150! I know we aren't going anywhere now but this is a timeless coat, Can easily be paired with a hooded sweatshirt for a casual look.

Gap performance men's shirts are O's fav, love that they have a wide range of sizes, perfectly paired with joggers for that zoom perfect look, wink wink.

This drone (my brother has one) could be really fun for the guy that has everything and loves gadgets!

I'll probably add a few things here and there in the next week but I wanted you all to take advantage of the great deals!



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