Gifts For Kids

Hey there!

I have been working on this gift guide the last few days and had planned on getting the Tween one up at the same time but since so many of these things are on sale I thought I'd share ahead! Happy shopping. :)

I think that your list should be very specific to what your kids love to do once they are older. And for Zoe it's anything that is pretend, creating something, reading and experiment based! We are also really into gifting things that will provide movement indoors during the winter and somethings we can do outside too.

She asked for a bouncy house (lol!) it's a big gift but it does deflate (Which makes it easy to go in or outside the house, perfect for these long winter days at home.

Or a trampoline, there are a few I like that can be in or outside ones.

I think we have decided that she will be getting a bike for Christmas!

We have this little clothing rack that we gifted Zoe a few years with a few costumes and it's not only cute but really helps with keeping dress up stuff out in the open.

She always asked for costumes, this year it's a little mermaid ! I also love this chef costume, so cute.

Do you have a kiddo enjoying virtual dance class or gymnastics? Zoe has asked for a barre, cute book and I also think this little mat or wedge can provide endless fun!

They love their Magna-Tiles (always looking to add to theirs, this set are glow in the dark ones, these are cubes and these are cars!)

Lego sets are fun, they have so much fun creating things with this book, getting this battle expansion set for my cousins son.

Pogo stick, this is a fun one and great for getting the wiggles out.

Polly Pocket Mall Set is a cute gift, we already have a doll house

Zoe really wants a vanity with a mirror like this but we won't get it until we move into our house, thinking I'd get both of them a caboodle perfect for any kiddo to store their "valuables".

A marble run! We have had one for years and it's so fun, Zoe is at the age where she does it solo but it use to be a fun dad and her activity.

We have this fort set from 4 years ago and love pulling it out, you can configure different shapes, and I saw this one that is a blow up version.

I am all about anything that will get these kiddos active inside and out, so this plasma car is so cute.

I love this climbing set.

The girls have a polaroid camera, and love it. So we will get film for them but I saw this digital version and is an awesome idea, less waste of film and SO FUN for little photographers.

This Clay Animals Set is perfect for kiddos.

This craft set is always a great idea, and easy to ship!

I am getting the girls book publishing sets, this one for Ami and this one for Zoe, I also got Zoe this little set of notebooks to use for the books she is making in class.

I also love this science experiment set, going to grab as a duo gift for the girls.

I really hope this is helpful!



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