Home Spring Wish List

We have about 10 weeks left in this house. TEN. Ugh. How did the months slip away? Anyhow having lived in someone else's home, with someone else's stuff, I am ready for my own. And for my own stuff around the house and as Ami keeps saying, we are all ready for our own pictures around the house.

Can you believe that by the time we leave this rental it will have been 1 year since we left our apartment in NYC!? One whole year since we moved out of our Tribeca apartment in the middle of a pandemic, not knowing we would never go back to that apartment together as a family (my husband was there in July for the movers to move our stuff into storage).

Since living at the beach I am really into just lighter, brighter aesthetics and adding warmth with textures in rugs/throws and pillows. Here is a mood board I created for a friends living room with some tips on how to update your living room for Spring.

Love these cane chairs, with a fur sheepskin would look so luxe in a living room or office, honestly adding one of these fur throws to match your sofa or chair can really change up a space.

I love this side table, for a couple books, this small Chanel book, and this bright Peonies book is so sweet (coffee table books can really help with adding some Spring colors and complete a room), and since it's a small surface I would do a bud vase or two, this set is a great deal.

This white sofa would look incredible across from the chairs, With a soft blanket (to drape when the kiddos are on it, hahaha!).

Pillows pillows pillows! Throw pillows can easily lighten up a space. I would do two like this solid one with tassels and then a second like this one with a pop of blue, Style it with one of each on either side of the sofa. And maybe even a lumbar one if you have a sectional (would also look great on a bed).

Large baskets to hold extra blankets or toys is SO NECESSARY! I also came across this one is stunning with a lid.

Love these abstract candle holders and this coffee table that is an incredible deal and looks so luxe.

Some super budget black out curtains to brighten up, I would hang with these clips. And I am obsessed with these lamps!

I hope that this inspires you to refresh your space for Spring on any kind of budget. Because I am a strong believer that changing up your space and rotating different pieces can really change up a space.



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