Homemade Gifts You Still Have Time For

These two nuggets are keeping this mama busy, I am so close to being done with my shopping, and tomorrow will be spent taking down Christmas and packing up to head to Massachusetts on Saturday morning. You guys the holiday vacation is so close I can taste it!!

This weekend I will continue working on some homemade gifts with the girls, I have usually tackled them solo in the past (because I simply always run out of time). This year I want to include them and gift to some of favorite people. Here are a few ideas!

1. Hot Chocolate on a Stick, this is awesome for family and friends. Even a great hostess gift. I had a friend mail this kind of hot chocolate to us but not in a jar, she had it in a ziploc bag.

2. I have this set and plan on making candles with the girls to give to the grandmas and tia. (would be beautifully gifted with these gold candle stick holders as a hostess gift or for anyone really).

3. A few years ago I made a bunch of these for hostess gifts and anyone that came by, I am going to do the same for our neighbors and my mom's.

4. My cousin Jadi and his wife Kelly made yummy rubs and gifted them, this one from my blog is my favorite and such a great gift. Buy your seasonings in bulk at Whole Foods and package in glass jars to step it up and use less plastic.

* For a larger gift, I love the idea of some cute gift package with a roasting pan, apron and a jar of the rub. I love that you can make the rub and put together the basket with your kids!

5. Gin & Lime Marmalade looks so amazing.

6. This is the homemade bath bomb recipe I use and it's so easy. The perfect gift for anyone on your list, just alter what essential oils you are using per person. I make some for congestion with eucalyptus and gentle baby that are the girls favorites! ( I have this snowflake and the heart shape silicone molds).

7. Christmas Morning Pancakes in a jar.

8. Homemade Soap can be easy, cost effective and also easier to get cleaner yummy smelling product.

9. Homemade lip balm is fun!

Happy almost weekend my friends.