How I Work On Being The Best Version of Myself

Hey mama,

I have been on a mission to get our living space (And then comes bedrooms) into a space that I really love walking into. Especially being in that gorgeous rental that we stayed in during February vacation! I have also been putting a lot of thought into what it actually means to me "to be the best version of myself". And because this is my biggest goal for the last few years I have been making it a serious part of how I end my days, just writing and creating/manifesting to what this best version looks like.

And since one of the main reasons behind me keeping this blog going is to help you be the best version of yourself I thought I would share all of this in a list form, with a little blurb to hopefully help you form your list.

1. Meal planning & prepping for the week. I also love having groceries delivered every Saturday morning (I like the between 5-7am slot because then I can put them away as I wait on my coffee).

Why: Meal planning eases the whats for dinner stress, I can involve the girls & O in what I plan out and helps us eat out less. It also, allows us to feed ourselves and the girls good for you filling foods because they are already planned out and better yet, sometimes prepped. (** I like to include snacks, lunches for Zoe and Ami, breakfasts and dinners ALL on my meal planning list, which I show on my newsletter.) Everything is always listed, so there is no forgetting and it is all easy to just offer to the girls or grab on the way out , plus there is a lot less waste this way.

2. Everything has a damn place. Yes, yes, yes. When I organize and declutter I try my hardest to find one place for everything. Even kitchen drawers, our serving spoons are in one spot. Scissors I know where those are. Birthday candles: check!

You get the drill. Every space you clean out or "reclean out" should provide a permanent home for things. And this may change as the weeks, years go on according to life.

Why: this cuts the time in looking for things, lessens the frustration of clean up because you know where to quickly put things away. And when you open that drawer you don't feel overwhelmed by the mess.

3. Morning & Night time clean up. I take 30 minutes every morning after Zoe and O leave to make the beds, fold the load of laundry I did that morning, clear off the table/counters, straighten up and wipe down the bathroom and kitchen. And at night after the girls get to bed I put everything away, wipe counters/table and clean up the bathrooms and vacuum if I have to.

Why: I cannot deal with a mess, cannot. It brings me a high level of anxiety that I cannot explain. So putting everything back in it's place after the hurricane that happens in mornings, allows me to start with a clean slate. Obviously during the winter Amani and I spend more time here so the clean up happens a lot through out her playing and tot school but starting with a clean slate in the morning makes the rest so much easier. We also try to keep up with a rule of cleaning up after every activity or toy bin ( I can share more on how we store toys/games later). And the PM cleanup allows for waking up to a clean home, and it's a game changer.

4. Wake before the kids. Most days I do my best to set an alarm that gets me up before my wild child, this is really hard since she is a 5am'er.

Why: This is something I do for myself, to have some quiet and alone time and eventually I would love for this to be the time that I work out too. Just have to figure out how to get Amani to sleep until 6, ha! Waking before the girls allows me to start on the right foot, when I wake up to a clean kitchen, I can take time to write out my to-do's look at our calendars, make Zoe's lunch and set up breakfast for the girls without interruption. But most of all I am happier when I start my day with quiet and I feel AHEAD of the game rather than feel like I am trying to multitask without even having my coffee.

5. Take care of my body. Start my day with hot lemon water, drink half my body weight in ounces of water, move my body for 30 minutes (be it yoga, a long walk during our errands or a ride on Peloton) and break my fast with a green smoothie. This is a big goal of mine for 2020.

Why: I feel my best when I do all of these things. And goes back to doing something for myself every day. Not just one thing but doing many things that are beneficial to ME feeling my best so that I can be at my best with the girls. Yes I would love to lose these last 20 pounds, and look better in a swim suit or shoot, I'd like to look better in clothes period. But these little daily rituals are much more about me, my anxiety and having time where I am not #2, where I am the priority because I am worth it. And me feeling my best is always better for my little family.

6. Dressing for myself. One of the things that has always been big for me is taking time and effort to choose what I wear. This year I want to get back to accessorizing more and actually putting out outfits for the week, so I can inspire all of you to take your look up a notch.

Why: Because glancing in the mirror and loving what I am wearing or how I look makes me HAPPY. I love dresses, and hats, and cute lounge sets and being comfortable but still looking put together and I want to put time into this, even if it's just a leggings look! This also means that taking time to do my hair, paint my nails and wearing a little self-tanner to get that pretend glow. Overall when I take time to look put together I feel better and more confident and look the part of being the best version of myself.

7. Self work. Trying to share something positive every day, finding therapy in writing or talking to someone. Understanding what my triggers are and why. Surrounding myself with people that are also putting in the work to be that best version of themselves and not feeling bad when I separate from anything that pulls me down.

Why: this one is pretty self explanatory. But to be the best version of myself I have to put in the work every single damn day. Some days more than others but it is always work. It is understanding myself, forgiving my past self and working on understanding this future self that I am evolving to be. WORK. I work on it every day, and will continue to do so, so I can be that version of myself that I am proud of.

These are just a few of the big things that I am sharing in hopes that you can put some tweaks into your daily routine and feel your best too!