How To Plan For Your Most Productive Week

I have been thinking so much about how I have so much on my plate right now and this will only increase as the Fall arrives. And well the only way that I don't drop the ball on things is if I continue to set myself up for success. Which means a whole lot of planning. To do lists works well, and agendas do too but for me I need to break things up into categories. I searched high and low but could not find something that would work for my needs.

These have helped so much that I am working on one template for my blog and one for the girls homeschool schedule (I'll share once it's complete!).

I thought I would share 10 things I do every day to help keep me on track and keep as productive as possible while being at home with both girls.

  1. Wake before your household! This is a must for me, I have early risers so I am up at 5am almost every day!

  2. Get ready! Get dressed, do my skincare routine and some days I even apply a little makeup to help myself feel ready to start the day.

  3. Schedule in housekeeping/laundry right into your calendar! This is huge because this way I don't have to spend one whole day cleaning. Plus it really gives me major anxiety to spend so much time at home when everything is a hot mess. I make the beds, swipe down while the girls are in the bath every night, empty out and take out the trash every day, vacuum every night as my nightly cleanup, I do a load of laundry every morning during my AM routine and wash sheets and towels on on Saturdays.

  4. Empty D/W. Always unload the dishwasher at night or as the coffee is brewing, this means that instead of dropping dirty dishes into a sink they go right into the D/W.

  5. Plan meals. I not only plan out dinners but I also right out breakfast lunches, and snacks, this way I know what to offer and nothing goes bad.

  6. Plan out the day with task lists (the night before). The templates above have really been helpful for me but simply writing out a to-do list will help!

  7. Use a calendar. I like to schedule time in my day for whatever work I have to do, for example writing this blog post was written in to afternoon movie (since its super hot here today).

  8. Turn off notifications. This is for both social media and emails, so that when I am at my laptop getting work done, I get work done!

  9. Do something for yourself every day. This has been HARD the last few months but I am trying my best to do this everyday. I feel so much better when I fill my tank. Sometimes it's a hot bath, a workout, reading a book or a silly show after bedtime; what ever it is I find it a MUST to treat myself as good as I treat others.

  10. Ear pods/headphones to tune out the inevitable whining, minor arguments while you get stuff done ( I love listening to a book to tune it all out)

I hope that this helps you on your day to day now and even more come Fall when life gets flipped upside down again.

Sending all the love to you all, and hopes for a productive week!



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