Life Lately: Our New Normal & Plans

Well hello there.

Gosh it has been a bit. But to be honest it has not felt right to get one here (but I have been on Instagram & continue to share my shopping favorites here). Every post I write, has fallen short of feelings. Because as many families we have been trying our best to keep summers going for the girls. Trying our hardest to keep them entertained & happy but most of all keep us all SAFE/HEALTHY.

And we cannot forget the fact that on top of everything I mentioned, we (As many families) are making decisions on what to do this Fall. So to say that my heart hasn't been in to much more than my girls and family is to say the least.

In the last week, I have been itching to get back on here. Did you know that when I started my blog it was with the simple idea of helping others like me, to be the best version of themselves? It's something I have always felt called to do, even while I am still working on being my best version. So it always feels odd to be gone away from here for too long, because I always feel like I could be sharing something! All that to say I miss these written conversations with you...

So here is a little Life Lately update.

What's going on, well the biggest thing is that we have decided to not go back to NYC this Fall. The risk of being confined in the city is just too dang much. The thought of the 11 weeks we spent with only two walks outside is just too much. We will do a mix of virtual schooling and homeschool, which I am actually pretty thrilled about. I have always really loved the idea of being a part of my girls learning.

The best best part is that we have decided to go back to Plum Island ( in Newbury MA) for a winter rental, this gives us time to figure out more permanent next steps in the Spring and keep us close to family while living in our happy place. Hoping I can convince O on buying on the island, (say a prayer for me, because it's a long shot lol!). I am beyond thrilled, but trying my hardest to not wish away the summer, since we move into the house on September 5th. For now we are just enjoying the NOW. The house has a family room on the second floor that will be a perfect school/craft room and I cannot wait to set it up. We will still need to figure out the hubby eventually having to work in the NYC office but for now we are able to keep our family safe, close to great doctors for Ami and peace of mind of sort of having a plan. Mentally I am feeling so much better now that we have made the decision on the where!

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Like the rest of the world I indulged in multiple viewings of Hamilton. It is one of my absolute favorites shows I have ever watched, and I was just giddy to watch with Zoe.

One Day on Netflix and it pulled at all of my heart strings and the VERY unexpected ending had me crying, BIG TIME.

Definitely, Maybe, was so cute and funny.

The first season of Sweet Magnolia was so cute! Although I get so mad when there is just one season of something.

Dear White People was incredible, lot's of conversations on race and equality in our home so this was a good one.

Mirror, Mirror with Julia Roberts was such a fun version of Snow White, love me a strong leading lady movie to watch with the girls.

Also, A Wrinkle In Time, not new at all but so so so good. Cannot wait to read the book with the girls.

I have been promising you guys a post on what I am reading (I love knowing what people are reading!), so I thought I'd include some recent audible books here.

I actually re-listened to, Positive Parenting & Siblings Without Rivalry (two parenting favs!)

I am going to start listening to The Brave Learner as I prep to homeschool this Fall. ( I would love any other recommendations on homeschooling you have!)

Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid was a really great read, fun but also eye opening stories from a young black woman.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle, is a MUST! I am going to buy a hard copy and just highlight the ISH out of it! So so so many gems.

Open Book by Jessica Simpson was so much more than I expected, loved it. Loved that she read it too!!

My MIL lent me the first of Peter Mayle's, A Year In Provence, which is a part of a series and I am obsessed. I love love love books centered on food, cooking or travel.

I will also finally hit publish on a favorite books post on my website soon, and break down the ones I have listened to/read this year really soon. I'll make sure to include all of my favorite parenting books since it's a commonly asked question.

And this post has some diverse books we have been reading with the girls.

That's it for now! Sending all my love. This one has some cute summer books for kiddos.

That is it for now. Going to wrap up a bunch of these posts I have drafted and get them published in the next week. But as always, I would love to hear what you want to see more of.