Local Spotlight: Kids Yoga Rocks Studio

If you have been around long enough you know how I feel about kids yoga. We left behind our cherished studio in MA, so I was absolutely thrilled when I met Jaclyn Rock (via IG)!

Meet Jaclyn Rock Founder of Kids Yoga Rocks

She is a former elementary school teacher (she use to teach where Zoe goes to school!!) and yoga enthusiast! She is a Chicago native graduated from the University of Arizona and majored in elementary education before moving to NYC. And due to her passion for yoga and love of children and lot's of pleading from her students parents, Jaclyn decided to pursue kids yoga.

Goodness gracious, I really love to hear the story behind peoples career shifts and helping them pursue that and watching them be the best version of themselves following dreams is HUGE. It is definitely the recruiter in me that wants to ask ALL the questions (and I totally will!!).

Jaclyn believes in gearing up each child with tools to reach their greatest potential. Throughout the years of working with children, she found it really clear that her students really responded positively to yoga, the breathing, the poses, the stretches and above all teaching kids to center themselves with simple yoga techniques.

When she was in the studio teaching she could see how anyone, especially schoolage children, developed body awareness, managed stress or anxiety, built concentration and most importantly felt confident and positive through the yoga practice. Everything from learning to control their breathing and inserting creative activities, stories and fun games really kept these kids engaged. But even more importantly they walk away with lifelong tools.

** And I totally agree with Jaclyn, I taught Zoe's Kindergarten class a few yoga moves last year after a few rainy days, ones that we do at home to calm down before bed or get our wiggles out and found that they really loved the challenge of mastering poses and following their breaths to calm down.

I have also found that I do a lot of the things that I have learned through my years of yoga practice for my anxiety, before bed to relax or to even start my days! It really sticks and I am ALL for any tools I can give my girls that will help them in the future.

And the good news is that Jaclyn and I are teaming up to offer a free class to those of you that are local, all you have to do is subscribe to my website, and then go to her site (scroll to the bottom ) and subscribe. And then you can email her to see what classes work with your schedule! We are also working on a meet up with a little mini & me yoga session, so stay tuned.

Thank you so much for sharing your story and following your passion Jaclyn. Looking forward to getting me and the girls in there really soon.



Upcoming classes!

Weekend classes and events:

Saturday, March 14th - Little Rockin' Yogis class for 3-5 year olds from 12:15-1:00.

Saturday, March 21st - Family Yoga for ages 3-10 from 12:15-1:00. There has to be one adult and one child signed up. You can register a whole family or one parent and multiple children - any combination works! Saturday, March 28th - Unicorn Event; Sparkle Shine and Flow from 12:15-1:15 pm for 3-5 year olds. Click the link above to find out more details about this adorable event.

Classes that are currently happening at Xtend (80 Warren Street)


Young Rockin' Yogis (5-7 years old) - 4 spots left

Rockin' Yogis (8-10 years old) 4:15-5:00


Little Rockin Yogis (3-4 years old) 2:15-3:00 - 2 more spots left

Little Rockin Yogis (3-4 years old) 3:15-4:00 - 1 spot left

Young Rockin' Yogis (5-7 years old) 4:15-5:00 - 4 spots left

How to contact her directly:



IG. @KidsYogaRocks