Mama Diaries: Life Lately

Well hey there!

Gosh moving is such an overload of emotions isn't it?

Well we have done it 5 times in the last year, one of which was moving out of our Tribeca apartment and was done without us going back. Yup, SO many emotions.

And then can we talk about how I use to run 50+ miles a week and never be as sore as I have been the last week. Looking forward to unpacking the last of the stuff and getting settled for the summer.

Are you new here? Well let me tell you about the last year. We were living in NYC when the pandemic flipped our lives upside down. Like all of us in NYC, it's impossible to explain the emotional rollercoaster of riding out a pandemic in an apartment... And then add a child with autoimmune disease and well we felt scared, helpless, and trapped. So as soon as we could, in mid May 2020 we left NYC to Newburyport (our first Airbnb) and began a years worth of truly healing our hearts.

Plum Island, Massachusetts has been a special place to us for as long as I can remember but now it is etched as part of our story. A place where the girls could run around, feel somewhat normal and a place where after 5 months we saw family, hugged family, celebrated birthdays and holidays and finally able to heal a part of our hearts that cracked in the pandemic.

We are unsure of what Fall will look like, where we will live, schools, etc. Or if NYC will even be a part of our story. But we are getting comfortable here in this house for the summer, the backyard is big, our blow up pool and a ton of bird feeders we bought are all set up. And thankfully 4 more weeks of school! Oh I cannot wait. We will be making it the summer of family fun, lots of Nature Study activities and some day trips and maybe a road trip or two (if we get the green light from Amani's doctors!). Although rentals with pools are REALLY HARD to find I am hoping we can find something (send any recommendations my way please.)

So that is it, short simple and just a top layer of life lately. I hope to get these back to a regular series! Seriously I would love to hear from you, please drop me a line and let me know what you'd like me to cover in posts.