Mama Diaries: Oh My How Things Have Changed

Well hello there.

It's been a little bit. I have been finding it so hard to "balance it all" lately. And had found myself a little uneasy as I do around any time of change. A mix of the girls adjusting to a new house, wanting to be organized and completely unpacked and also really wanting to enjoy the last fleeting days of summer. And like always something has to give.

But, like always, I am back.

So much has changed. We have moved into our Plum Island rental for the winter (until Mid May) and slowly adjusting the home for us, organizing cabinets that are meant for weekly rentals, getting the girls unpacked and rooms turned into familiar spaces, with toys they hadn't seen for a while. We even ordered a few rugs (this home didn't have any) so that the furnished place looked a bit more "ours" and hopefully warmer during the cold months. But most of all we are falling into a new routine, so that once virtual school starts next week we can be ready. Does your routine change with the new seasons?

To be honest we are a little nervous, a 4th move (one of those moves being, moving our NYC apartment into storage without ever going back to it), Zoe entering a new grade completely virtual, hitting 6 months with little outside interaction (we have not seen anyone other than immediate family as a precaution we are sticking to what Amani's doctors have advised us), and so many other little moving parts. I will say this, that even with all of the nerves we are also BEYOND GRATEFUL.

Grateful to be spending the beginning of this chapter of life here, by the sea, with an incredible view and immediate family so close by. Knowing deep in my heart, that as challenging as change can be it can also be so incredible to witness the growth and clarity that comes from it. I am so grateful for this and so much more. WE CAN DO HARD THINGS. We have done them and we will keep doing them.

This week I am challenging myself to get back on here and share some Fall content! Some styling summer items into Fall, tips on bedtime routine (most asked for post!!), sharing my favorite quick pickled red onions & Fall meals that I am planning on, sharing some ideas I have been pinning to keep a toddler entertained during virtual schooling (this one is also great if your working/need a break!) and some home items I have ordered to make a summer rental cozier. I also plan on getting back to my weekly newsletter too, maybe this weekend??

For now I am just wishing you a whole lot of love, and hoping that you can fill your cup with all the things you are grateful for as we start a new week. And a reminder that you got this.



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