Mama Diaries: Take The Time Out Mama

One of my biggest goals this year is to regularly take time for myself. And to do this without any guilt. This means everything from workouts, to making food for myself as healthy as I do for the girls and getting away every single month. This weekend I took 24 hours (the 2nd 24 hours away since Ami was born) to connect with one of my best friends, to plan out our own goals for the year, to inspire each other, to brunch, watch a movie uninterrupted in a comfy hotel bed and try some of the wellness services I have been wanting to try. It was a little bit of time crammed with so much good that I walked away with a full tank.

Grateful for my husband who went with my request, held down the crazy town fort and for my GF Deej who went to literally sit in a puddle of sweat with me in an infrared sauna and then froze in cryotherapy, and beyond thankful for this journey of motherhood that looks different for everyone.

Just remember that it doesn't matter if you're the "old you", a new version of you or a whole complete different person after becoming a mother. It's actually normal for the evolvement as we age but especially when we have had such big life changes.

What does really matter is that you go with your gut on what truly makes you happy. I had this really strong feeling of failure after having Zoe and deciding to stay at home. Failure because I was so different than the woman I was before having her. Different than the woman I always imagined myself, even different than the mother than I had imagined. But this year, after a lot of self work, after a lot of searching and diving deep into my thoughts/heart, I have realized that this new me that is a mama/chef/housekeeper, and entertainment for tiny humans is pretty great.

I AM more than just a mama but I also know that my biggest and most important role is, mama. And since I am being brutally honest it's the version of me I really love, respect and admire.

So here is to a new year, a new decade!!! Full with more joy, self discovery, fun and finding more things to keep my tank full. And a wish for you to do the same.