Mama,What's For Dinner?

I have a whole Pinterest board with simple weekday meals that I pin for days that I just don't what to make because for a bit I fell out of the habit of making dinner. But in all honesty the best thing I ever do for myself and for my sanity was when I took the question, "what's for dinner?" out of the equation. So this series is to hold myself accountable with planning out weekly meal, yes even a take out night (usually Friday or Saturday for us). And pray that I remember to defrost the meat, hahaha because once I screw up one day I mess up the flow for the rest of the week! Anyone else feel that way?

Now for some tips, I always make a grain for the week. any kind of rice, quinoa, barley or even a couscous could be helpful as a filling side that you can either change up or just serve as is.

This week my grain will be Sundays, white rice, which I am serving with red beans and a rotisserie chicken we added to our grocery pickup. I am going to make tostones, and some green beans + a salad. I'm going to make citrus-glazed salmon from The Full Plate for me and the girls to have for lunches.

For the salad I like to make a big one with lots of raw veggies, peppers, cukes, shredded carrots, tomatoes and this week it will have some kale. And when I say big I mean big enough to serve as a couple lunches and sides for the first half of the week.

I also LOVE making a homemade salad dressing for the week, something simple but it really makes a difference for knowing whats in it but also for making the girls excited about salads. They love making them! Our favorite easy one is 1/4 rice vinegar, 1/4 lemon juice, 1/2 olive oil and sweetened to taste with agave. Easy, and yummy.

Another must do for a better week is making my green juice for a few days, this isn't the best for the actual juice (it's best to be made fresh but I find that making it for a few days really ensures I drink it). I am also going to get back to mid day smoothies that are always a hit for the girls!

Monday night I'm going to make Skinnytaste One & Done Navy Bean Bacon and Spinach Soup, but I am going to add the leftover rotisserie chicken and make it in the slow cooker instead of the Instant Pot, this way I can prep it before our afternoon walk and it will be perfectly timed with our 5:30dinner!

Tuesday I'll make ground turkey tacos, guac and chips, with the rice and beans from Sunday! O will also have the ground meat for another lunch through the week! Easy dinner for a night with later afternoon voice lessons.

Wednesday, steak, with roasted potatoes. leftover green beans and crunchy red peppers (girls fav). I'll serve some salad with this one too.

Thursday- left overnight. Legit pull it all out and the girls get to pick what they have and I'll cut up raw veggies, some cheese and crackers to put out with it too. It has become a favorite night and a lot less waste of food.

Friday night we either make some frozen pizza or pasta (they get to pick pesto, mimi's pasta sauce or butter, freshly popped popcorn, fruit/veggie platter and we eat while watching a movie. So fancy pants but lets be honest by this time I am ready to crawl into a ball.

Saturdays we order out! If your locals I need to her your favorites please.

I hope this help you all with getting one thing off the list of todo's for the week.



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