Master Bedroom Inspiration

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I asked if you wanted to see our bedroom or the girls, and this is the best motivation since a big goal of mine in the next couple months is to finish our apartment. Which really just means painting, accessories, actually styling the rooms and maybe i can convince hubby into a new sofa and doing a little DIY on the kitchen, anyone have a Home Depot hook up.

My first step in any room is to great an inspiration board. And I try really hard to work what we already have into our design.And don't think that you have to buy expensive furniture to make things look design worthy, I really work in some thrifted, high and low items.

Take these IKEA small dressers we are using them as nightstands ( love these wood one too!) , they not only provide storage that we need but they balance the bed really well, AND I love that they are sleek and will pretty much fit into any bedroom decor we decide on. You can even add some hardware! I would love to get a bench (love this upholstered one) for the end of the bed but it would have to be super narrow...

I have these Target round mirror from our old house and going to pick up another to put them above the night stands. And speaking of mirrors I am saving my pennies for this full length mirror (I also saw this one that is much more affordable!) it probably won't make it to this room design but a girl can dream, right?

I love the inspo photos with shelving for shoes and bags, I am going to need to share the shelving with hubby (we have no where to really put our shoes and I swear he has more does than I do) but maybe I'll doors to hide them? Must haves also include more framed photos and a hat wall.

Should we swap out the lamps for sconces? We don't have overhead lighting in the room so we may need to put another lamp somewhere but I think it would give us more space on the dresser, especially since I use mine as my desk. I do like the idea of figuring out how to hang a ceiling light (I have seen some tutorials that don't require electrical).

I want us to have a bright space, with furniture that doubles as storage for organization and the Peloton is going to have to stay! And details like pillow covers and throws that I can swap out each season. Will share more as I order this week.