Master Bedroom Update

Hey hey my loves,

Happy Tuesday. I dropped the ball purposefully last week on posts but now that we have settled in on the beach I am ready to pick it up. I am working on a little update post, and a tour of the house for IG TV! But for now one of the promised posts, master bedroom.

I shared that I am working with a personal shopping client to give her master bedroom a facelift, which is one of my favorite things to do! I love love love helping friends and family identify the stye they are going for and helping recreate on a budget. I am no where near an interior designer but simply someone that loves shopping and loves doing it on a budget to recreate a look I have seen. I do this with outfits and home decor so I am going to share more of it on the website as I take on more "clients".

Here are a few things you can do to create the perfect place to unwind and call your own. Let's create a space that Mama is not going to mind a timeout in.

1. Nothing like new lamps, these have the perfect gold detail!

2. A tray for your nightstands keep everything contained and looking so luxe, I love a leather one to or this wooden one.

3. My client is painting her existing nightstands because they are in great shape but having two matching nightstand instantly balances a space. We bought small dressers because in an apartment you need all of the storage, love this wood one and these but pay attention to the height on them!

4. Curtains, she doesn't have a privacy concern so we went with these incredible priced sheer ones. But I have these in grey (they come in a lot of colors) for the girls and love. Remember that some nice curtain rods make a huge difference, I love the look of either brass or black.

5. A beautiful diffuser is a must.

7. This charging station I got for O is great for keeping electronics charged and organized.

8. A vase for some flowers makes it easy to remember to bring in some flowers to your bedroom from the garden (or market) and this beautiful carafe (great for a guest room!)

9. I got these sheets for our bed and love them so much, we also have a set of these budget friendly ones.

10. If you have a comforter (tip: buy a size bigger than your bed!), a duvet which I could do a whole post on because this can instantly change your room (this is a cotton one, under$40, we have the twin for the girls and has held up for years, this one is feminine and an incredible price, or a linen one that is classic, this one is like a nod to tye dye but white! love!) , a coverlette folded at the foot of the bed.

11. An upholstered bench with storage under $130!, this one has amazing reviews. Or a wood one would be beautiful too.

12. Let's not forget some throw pillows! I went with faux fur for her, love these moroccan ones, I love the look of a Euro pillows, this set is under $30 for 4(square ones) in white shams now and later in a pretty velvet.

13. I keep my coverlet at the end of my bed to add a little structure, mine is vintage one but this is similar, and this one is pretty chevron pattern.

14. Now we are on the hunt for a chaise to sit by her window nook , I love this one and this one and two of these chairs would look great instead of a chaise ( I love the thought of a pair of chairs and a coffee table/conversation area!).

15. I want to do a whole post on mirror because they can really change up a space but here are a few that make sense in a bedroom. I love the look of a round one above your nightstand (like in my bedroom), or a oversized floor one, and if you are lucky and have the space, one for a rose gold little vanity set up would be awesome.

16. A rug completes the space, you can go with some color or something neutral and soft. I also love just a faux fur runner on either side of the bed (but don't forget the rug pad so it doesn't sleep).

Adding this gorgeous sette because it's an incredible deal for under $300!!! A lot of reviews and originally $1300!

I hope you enjoyed this post!!



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