Mi Casa: What To Serve It On

I talk so much about changing up how you serve meals to your kiddos and how it just creates a better experience for them, for you and I swear to you they eat more. And the honest to goodness truth is I also LOVE serve wear, I love beautiful plates, platters, cutting boards, napkins and towels. I look forward to the pantry of my dreams where I can have an entire section of beauties to serve. Just because we aren't hosting parties, playdates or neighbors for dinner doesn't mean you can't step it up. Try it this week!!! And be sure to share a photo and tag me when you do.

I also get a lot of questions on where I get all of my serving dishes so I thought I'd round them up! Here they are, all the pretties to make your food look even prettier.

First up, your wood cutting boards!

*for any wooden ones, get high quality, do not wash in dishwasher, treat with oil after you wash it! Same goes with anything with marble, you want to make sure you treat them well!

I love these olive wood ones, just so beautiful. Mine I bought at a Christmas market in Switzerland but these are stunning.

This set of two round ones would look gorgeous on the counter!

I love the metal handle on this.

This rectangle one is half wood and half marble, would look great leaning on a wood one on your counter!

This round one is a great one, I think maybe meant for pizza but would be awesome for any apps or a cheese plate!

Love the shape of this rectangular one with a handle.

Another one with a handle! So pretty!!!

A pizza peel is another multitasker to have!

Then lazy susan's.

I have a similar marble lazy susan that I use often! Great for taco night, the girls just love spinning it around to get their toppings.

Round wooden one with a metal rim.

Or this one with out a rim, great for a cheese plate!

Love this one with the print!!! Reminds me of summer outdoor dining.

And let's not forget serving dishes.

This rectangle one I use a lot, under $10!

This set of three for $31 is the best bang for your buck and has three sizes!

The oval ones I have two of from last year but these look even prettier because they are stoneware!

This is the wooden serving dish from the photo!

I have a few of these thinner olive wood ones, great for serving a baguette!

And this set of three round ones is a great starting place

Or this set of 2 rectangular ones.

And of course these divided platters, so incredible for taco toppings, or dividing fruit and dips.

Love this with the wood and white bowls.

The girls would love these starfish ones!

This one with three compartments is the one I use the most!

This Round one with with four compartments may be my next purchase, love how compact it is!

I created this board on Pinterest for inspiration on what to serve on a platter but honestly the options are endless. Make sure to share and tag me when you serve your kiddos snack on a platter!