My Family Friendly Veggie Lo Mein

Happy Thursday my loves, I meant to get this up over the weekend but dang migraine really lingered on. I am going to start sharing more of the recipes I make on rotation, the ones that aren't super special but so good and SO easy but most of all recipes that the whole family will love. So enter the family friendly lo mein.

This is another dish I have been making for so long and the whole family really loves. The best thing is that this taste even better reheated a few days later so it's great one to double or make ahead for a busy week. And I am telling you if you don't meal plan and have your meals planned out you are really missing out on having a factor of your day planned out.

(someone realllyyyyy likes her noodles!)

These are really simple ingredients that come together deliciously with a yummy sauce. But the best parts is the ingredients can be interchanged whatever veggies your family loves. Please note, we barely cook the carrots, red peppers and only cook the green beans pretty a bit longer, because this is what our girls prefer. And I am all for making it easier for them to love a dish.

So if you have younger kiddos who need softer foods, cook them longer. If you don't like ginger or paprika, then skip it. Do you prefer or have a different noodle at home, then use that. Make it tailored to you and your family (even I switch it up based on what we have on hand, like diced sweet potatoes, spinach, sugar snap peas, mushrooms or broccoli and you could do tofu or any protein too). We also really love how nutritious mung bean sprouts are (big bonus that the girls love them so I toss them in everything) but you can use scallions or an onion!

The thing I love the most about this recipe is that it's a great way to introduce flavors to your kiddos, anddddd a different way to serve noodles. But the ease of the recipe wins the award, the prep takes the longest but putting it together is easy peasy.

Sauce Ingredients

2 tbsp Sesame Oil

2 tbsp Olive oil

2 tbsp Fish Sauce

2 tbsp Soy Sauce

1 tbsp Agave

1 - 3 tbsp Sriracha or hot sauce or skip (depending on heat!)

2 tsp 5 Spice Seasoning

Lo Mein Ingredients

Lo Mein egg noodles (or any noodles you prefer!)

2 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp minced garlic

1 tbsp minced ginger

mung bean sprouts

julienned veggies, I used:

red peppers,

green beans


dash of red pepper flakes

(see above in the post for other ideas on what else I have included)


First mix all sauce ingredients and whisk well. Put aside.

Second, cut up veggies.

Third, make noddles per instructions on package and set aside.

Fourth, sauté oil, garlic until fragrant. Then add ginger.

Fifth, toss in sprouts and stir. Add green beans, stir well and cover for 2-3 minutes (more if you like your veggies soft)

Sixth, toss in noodles! Mix well.

Seventh, toss in the rest of your veggies, mix well!

Eight, pour the yummy sauce, stirring to make sure all veggies and pasta are covered. I like to use tongs for this.

Now cover for 2-8 minutes, this will depend on how soft you like your veggies. We like them super crunch, so minimal time covered.

Finally, garnish with cilantro! We are an herb loving family so the more the better for us.

This is a favorite in our home, and reminds me of my single barely making ends meat days when I use to make dinners to last me all week. Now as a mama I just want something everyone will eat, that is healthy and heats up well!

I really hope you love it as much as we do!