My Favorite Non-Candy Valentine's

We are getting ready to put together some Valentine's for Friday, her teacher has requested no treats so we did a deep dive into Pinterest and pinned some favorites (to this V-Day board). Here are the top 12.

EOS Monster (with these lip glosses)

You Color My World Valentine (with these pens

You light Up my life with these glow sticks.

Ex-Straw Special with these straws.

You Make My Heart Spring with these slinky's

Super Hero Valentines with these masks!

These Friendosaurus with these dino's.

These watercolor paint ones with these paint set.

This play-doh lollipop printable with these party size play-doh packs.

Bubble-Ing Valentine, with these bubbles.

This Eraser one is so cute, I love these animal erasers!

Love this Sunglasses one with these shades!

I think Zoe has set her mind on the one with the pens but I am thinking of doing the print outs on water colored paper! We are going to work on them tomorrow and will report back.

I'll be sharing some ideas for little Valentine's Day gifts for kiddos and what I got the girls for their little baskets I make every year.