New Year Same Old Me

New year same old me, but in 2021 I will be adding more to a foundation of the comfort of being in my own skin that I have uncovered this year. That is my main goal for the year, to just continue to uncover ME, and allow her to soar.

And obviously there are so many moving parts to this, right? Like,

- continuing to share and evolve this little blog of mine,

-get more safe skincare and makeup into your hands,

-share the things that make my life easier,

-strengthen our positive parenting tools,

-help us all survive virtual learning,

-share my culture/language with my girls (and you!)

- take you along for the ride of building a capsule wardrobe

- and most of all together we will work on loosing the self doubt, forget about what others think and rise UP as the best versions of ourselves.

So first of all THANK YOU for being here, for coming along for the ride and then lets just get busy for a year of less noise and more building the life you want. I cannot claim to have the answers but I can promise that we can continue to find them together.

Let's keep on working on our goals together. I am easing into them with moving my body every day this month, writing (here, my journal, letters cards) it's my medicine and I am carving out more time to do it, cooking/eating more plants, finding time for myself every day (which means waking before the girls) and continuing to organize everything here and in our storage unit in preparation for a move in mid May. I also want to partner with a new brand that I LOVE every month this year, so here is to working on that!

Ok so now I need to hear, what is on your list for goals and how are you going to tackle something month? And remember that by breaking down those big goals into monthly "plans" they become attainable! So let's get them on the to do list, and on the calendar.

Here is to a new year, same old us continuing to work on being the person we want to be.