"No Size Issue" Shoe Shopping For Kids With Jenzy

Alert: Discount code at the end of the post!

The girls are wearing these adorable and durable Natives booties.

(DISCOUNT At the bottom of the post ALERT!!)

When Jenzy reached out to partner I was thrilled. Mainly because dang I love a great partnership that helps me with an issue that many mamas have. Every brand out there fits differently on the same dang kiddie foot. And how about when said little humans pretend the shoes fit because of the dreaded return of shoes when they are too snug, and then they don't wear them ever again. Oh that's just my kid? Oh ok... lol

This site made it super easy, I answered a few questions, the girls searched for their favorites (we were looking for boots that would work now and in the spring) and they chose the sizes for me. And guess what, they fit and had some wiggle room (because my kids feet are currently growing like weeds) but they fit!!

I love that they are offering my readers a discount code because the process was so easy and they have SO many options. Here are a few shoe options I loved.

These Saltwater Sandals are a Spring + Summer Fav, they go with everything. I get the girls a pair every Easter, I would ask for a roomier fit so they will fit through until Fall!

Van high tops, are just so cute!

Birkenstocks, love them for me and the girls. They last FOREVER, so hello hand me downs!

Classic Bogs, great for rain or snow!

Heart Sneakers, new to me brands are my fav!

Give my girls anything with sparkles, like these Pewter sneakers with a velcro strap.

So so so many others that are so cute, so be sure to create your profile and get the sizing help that will make shoe shopping from home, SO MUCH more fun.

We always make sure we have a pair of sneakers, a waterproof closed toe shoe, a cute sandal and some rain boots for Spring through the Fall (Winter boots and maybe sometimes rain boots pretty much dominate here on the Island for now, especially our walks!). I never really buy them at the same time , wait for them to outgrow shows/hand me downs and watch for sales, so I wanted to make sure and share a code!!

Head on over and use code: NATALIEMARIEROWE for 25% off of your first shoe purchase!!!

I hope you can tell I am about some really true to my brand partnerships this year because I am. This will be the year I give more love to this space that I have been building for 7 years and I am excited!



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