Oceanside Shared Kids Bedroom

Well hey there,

What a stressful electrifying and draining week this was! I had some posts ready (like this one ) but it didn't feel right to get on here. To be honest as soon as I took time away from social media, turned off the news, meditated and made sure that amongst virtual school and home demands I was doing some things for me I felt so much better. There are so many times that we simply have to remind ourselves that we have no control and have to let it go. And now back with a few posts that I had ready.

I have been meaning to share the before and afters of the small room at my mom's that we turned into the girls room. It came out so cute and really is a perfect little place for sleepovers but as I design a space for siblings to share for a friend I thought I would share here! I love designing a magically little oasis for littles to not only sleep but just feel like it's their own.

These were the "clients" demands, STORAGE for some quiet time toys, desks for homework, cozy reading nook/shelves for a large book collection, and she wanted it to blend in with her very oceanside, natural materials and bright home. And she said that the kids (boy/girl) should each have a Full Size bed with gender neutral colors!

Beds, I chose two trundle Full size beds (extra room cousin for sleepovers!) I would put a small dresser between both beds as a nightstand.

This beautiful timeless large rattan lamp, and a fun night light.

For bed linens, I am keeping to the beach house theme (even in winter) with linen duvets (under a 100 for full/queen set!), fun Christmas tree sheets, layered with a quilt, these cozy knit blankets in the sage and clay for the foot of the bed and then a fun tree throw pillow for each kiddo and holiday theme can be swapped with white sheets and animal pillow later. A basket with a lid at the end of each bed can hold stuffed animals or toys for a quick clean up!

(I was inspired with this Pottery Barn photo for a pop of holiday and winter layering)

I gave them a modern desk chair, with a simple white desk for each child. I would put the desk put it on the other side of the bed (opposite of the dresser/nightstand, this gives them some privacy and symmetry in the room). A bulletin board, a book ledge, desk light in favorite colors and a supplies cart complete the crafting/homework area.

Last request was a reading nook, since they have a playroom their bedroom will hold only quiet toys and books, so I made sure and gave lots of book storage with this shelf unit, fun shape and perfect for all the books and small toys. I love these bean bag loungers and plan on getting them for the girls, they are oversized and can get grown into. Perfect for reading, napping and movie watching. I love these plug in sconces for either over the book shelf shining down in front or on either side of it, the arm is flexible and can be great for bedtime stories. This little fun side table is perfect for story time snacks or anything really. I also gave her more baskets she can place on the book shelves or in the corner for extra storage.

For rugs, which I think is the way to complete a room I chose a natural fiber one, very Serena & Lily but a fraction of the price and it can be layered with this soft cozy one. You can either have the cozy one by the reading nook or between the beds, layered over the the other. If it was me I'd have two (between the beds and over by the reading nook).

I sent this over to my client and cannot wait to help her virtually create this timeless "big kid" oasis for her kiddos with her. Hope this helps with maybe either designing a kids room or sprucing one up. Next I will be working on a work-space and playroom and will share my inspiration boards, and maybe in the coming months I can share some before and afters! And be sure to email me if your looking for a little help designing a space for your own home.