Our Favorite Calm Down Books After Angry Feelings

If your a mama (or around any littles) you know that childhood comes with BIG feelings. BIG. Over change, over a mix in routine, over difficulty in sharing toys, over a tower getting knocked down and maybe even the meal being cooked the "wrong" way.

Well first know, you are not alone.

Second, it's SO normal. Kiddos have had such a short number of years expressing or digesting or even identifying feelings, so it's up to us to help them do those things with coaching. It also takes years, shoot I even have a meltdown from time to time.

Third, books help! We read books about almost every experience, but especially in our calm down corner. Here are some of our favorites.

  1. Millie Fierce

  2. Angry Ninja

  3. I'm Feeling Mad

  4. Tamir And Naya Take on Anger

  5. Grunt the Grizzly Learns to Be Grateful (Punk and Friends Learn Social Skills)

  6. Can Quilliam Learn to Control His Temper? (Punk and Friends Learn Social Skills)

  7. I Choose To Calm My Anger

  8. The Color Monster: A Story About Emotions

  9. Little Unicorn Is Angry

  10. My Body Sends A Signal

  11. Roaring Mad Riley

  12. Bubba The Hamster Tames His Tantrums: A Mindful Children's Anger Management Book

  13. The Angry Dinosaur: A Cute Children Book to Teach Kids about Anger Management

  14. I Am Stronger Than Anger

  15. Listening To My Body

  16. The Rabbit Listened

I find that reading these after big feeling episodes is super helpful, but what really counts is reading them consistently, pointing out tools, talking about them and asking questions. I hope that they help you too!



***Obviously, I am a mama who loves to share not a doctor so if you think that the problem could be bigger then reach out to your pediatrician.***