Our Favorite Family Games


I am going to stop apologizing for not blogging and just admit to myself that when I am inspired and have the time I'll be on here. And when life gets nuts I am just going to prioritize the list (the two tiny humans, pup and hubby are on the top of the list which leaves little time for time here). This way instead of feeling guilty when I am not on here I'll feel good about great content that you will love.

Now, make sure and subscribe to the blog so you know when I have posted something new, because I do have some really great things to share, like some organization, winter skincare routine and maybe even some what I wore posts


First up, we have had family game nights a lot lately. And once the colder weather sets in, (or sick days when we need the girls to rest but be entertained) we set out snacks, play music and change into cozy clothes for a proper game night. Bonus points if dad can watch some football while we play!

I shared a few of the games the girls like and got so many questions about others so I thought I'd share some favorites. I actually keep a few of our favorites for a last minute gift for a host, birthday or playdate. These make great holiday gifts too!

Make sure you have some yummy homemade popcorn on hand, we have this stove top popcorn maker but I have my eye on this air popper for an even healthier treat! It's so funny how something so easy has become a cherished little tradition.

Do you have any favorites that I have to add?? Please share!