Our Favorite Halloween Costumes

The girls have been talking about Halloween since school started, they only switched about 10 times, (Ami a little more indecisive) but have ended with Princess Jasmine and Mavis from Transylvania). They sure are the cutest.

We also have a Dia De Los Muertos costume party the weekend after so they have decided to maybe wear a second costume then (from their dress up collection which is pretty big now since it's their favorite pass-time).

I thought I'd share some last minute costumes in case your littles haven't decided!

After ordering a few different costumes I noticed that you can't go wrong with the quality of Disney or Little Adventurers or Jerris Apparel brands from Amazon. Also Melissa & Doug always has great quality costumes! I always say a few extra dollars are worth it if your kids are like mine and use the costumes all year round for dress up! I have also purchased some costumes at Target at the end of the season and saved for Christmas gifts!

I have not dressed up in ages but I may dress up for the party we are going to... Do you guys dress up as a family? If so what are you guys going to dress up ass?!