Review of Our Favorite Early Chapter Books With Zoe

Zoe has read the book she is holding twice, and when posing for this photo, (which by the way she completely set up and directed me!) she got super into the book and read most of it after this photo, it was so cute.

Happy weekend! Stopping in with a weekend post because when I posted that Zoe has been zipping through chapter books and that it's hard to keep up (thank goodness for Epic online books, amazon and book outlet!) so many of you reached out to ask for recommendations for your young reader! For reference Zoe just turned 7 and is in 2nd grade!

We have worked hard at getting her diverse books, and I love that some of these main characters look like her, which I never had growing up. My books were always a place I could just escape too, a whole different life brewed up in my head when I was reading and I'd stay up so late just to finish a book. Watching her be able to just get caught up in the story is my favorite thing to witness.

Sharing some favorite early reader chapter books with reviews from Zoe, in her own words she tells us why she loves them.

Mercy Watson Series, "funny and happy books, read them very fast"

My Weird School " hilarious and makes me laugh so hard "

Roald Dahl "funny and a little scary and I never want to stop reading them"

Never Girls (1-4) (5-8 ) (9-12) "love it because it's adventurous and it's about fairies"

Star Friends "I haven't finish it but I love books about friends"

Zoey Sassafras "she is kind of a scientist and cares for animals, funny and mysterious"

Keena Ford "really funny because she gets in trouble for lying to her teacher"

Julians World Series "i love it because it's hilarious, the stories are so good and it's about his brother and him"

Juana & Lucas "so fun, there is spanish words in this book which is great to learn"

Clubhouse Mysteries Series - this reminds me of magic treehouse books but different kids, I love anything that is a mystery or like an investigation"

Sofia Martinez Series - "she is always getting into trouble for mischief and that is funny"

Stella Diaz Series "she is spanish, which is really cool to read, funny too!"

Junie B Jones "funny is always into a lot of mischief, but just in a kid way"

Nancy Drew " mysterious, she is a real detective with a club, i read a book in one day"

Ivy & Bean "really funny, two best friends, they get into trouble and are hilarious"

Magic Tree House "brother and sister and they have real life stories and people but it's like magic and a mystery and so good. and a lot of books so you have a lot to read"

Unicorn Academy Series " i love these books, its really pretend but they are fun and its a pretty picture on the front"

Lola Levine Series " this was a good one too, I only read one of the series and I love that Lola is funny"

Miranda & Maude "love it because its about a princess. She is from another country and meets another girl who is different, and at first this girl is mean to Miranda but then they become friends"

Dory Fantasamagory _ "oh my god this one is so funny, like hilarious, Dory is a super mischievous, and I like to read it to my sister and my mom in the car"

A couple she has not read but on my list!

Hardy Boys

Wellie Wishers Series

Meet Yasmin Series

Violet Mackerel Series

Ellray Jakes

Dyamonde Daniel Series

The Book Wonderers

Ways To Make Sunshine

I love that the girls both love books but watching Zoe's reading completely soar since Kindergarten has been so incredible to witness. My recommendation is to find all kinds of books that they LOVE, even if it's about a subject (like a sport, or country or animal even) that they are very into, this will make reading fun and easy.

And also, for those that have younger kiddos, my advice is to read read read. Listen to books, read out loud, point to words in board books and let them "read" to you. This will instill a love for books in a way that can never be taught.

I try and read in front of the girls as much as I can, magazines or newspapers, audio books and books all count the same, because they all do follow your lead and do as they see!