Self Care & Where I Shop For My Favorite Pajamas

Well, hey there sweet friends.

I chatted about finding your own self care routine. Not just what the world tells us to do but what are the things that fill your bucket, and allow your body, heart and brain to feel good. What are the things that you can do for YOU and for no one else. I shared the things I love to do are taking time to blow out my hair, painting my nails, hot epsom salt baths, a really good glass of wine (in quiet), a good book, a walk on the beach alone, really great soft pajamas and most of all time to myself.

Whatever you choose to do as self care, make sure you schedule it like any other task. And do something daily. I do this so that I won't let my cup be completely empty to remind myself I need some ME time!! So I am telling you from experience, scheduling it on your calendar, setting reminders, alarms, waking before the family, putting together a group chat, and making it a PRIORITY.

Since most of my self care can be done in pretty pajamas, I am sharing my favorites and where I shop for them!


(Love these cozy cotton pjs! These satin ones I ordered as gifts so soft and look wayyyy more expensive. This star set comes in so many prints, and easily a lounge set for drive-thru.)

Banana Republic. (60% off sale right now!)

(My newest obsession are the BR pajamas! My sister got me these, the cut and fit is so flattering. This red set is pretty, and this tank set is cute! I ordered these blue print top and pj pants! I bought these heart ones and loving the star ones.


Loving this cardigan, and pant set it's just so soft and pretty and cute! This blue stripe set (I have a sleep shirt) is so perfect for spring! Love the pointelle leggings are just so cute!


Striped PJs, I Think I have them in 3 colors in storage and so cute. This satin jumpsuit is so cute!! This tye dye pj set is cute, I have this leopard one is so adorable.

Floral PJ's are cute!


They are having an amazing sale right now!

These cat ones are so cute, love that it's a short and long pants. This leopard tank one is similar to one I have from two summers ago! Any one need some for St Patty's Day, these are so cute! And I ordered these strip ones for my mom for Spring!

Lunya (these were a very nice gift from hubby and now I want the short set!)

I hope that this little reminder to make time for yourself comes in a good time. Because honestly for a lot of us it has been a year of isolation, of taking on childcare, cooking duties, trying to stay fit, work, trying not to yell, saying yes too often, and like for us not knowing what the plan is for a "normal life". It is not just draining but sad, and this is why I try to turn to myself and see what I need to change my perspective.



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