Stocking Stuffers & Small Gifts for Children

Well hey thereI always wait until wayyy last minute for stocking stuffers but since everything is delayed this year, I want to be completely done all of my shopping and decorating by Thanksgiving! This way it's more stuff they will love and use and less crap. I am linking all Amazon items, I like to choose that they get all shipped at once and plan on storing all of my stocking stuffers together so I am not scrambling.

Book Mark Timer (getting Zoe this for timing her independent daily reading)

Paint Sticks (we love these!)

Mini Eraser Craft Set (so cute and fun craft for kiddos)

Mini flashlights (the girls love theirs)

Felt To go Kit ( Ami loves this little set, I keep in my bag for when she needs to keep busy)

Washi Tape (awesome for crafting, the girls LOVE tape)

Wooden people ( I am getting for the girls, awesome for open ended play!)

Rainbow blocks (the girls have one of these in storage but with animals that balance, thinking these would be a great open ended play.

Tegu block set, magnetic blocks, (high quality and something we want to add to our collection. This is a greta take along set!)

Sarah's Silk Scarves are so versatile and can be used for any kind of play!

PJ's are always a great stocking stuffer or small gift.

Letter Mug -

Bath Colour Tablets - we love these for bath time!

Bath Crayons - another way to get the wiggles out and entertain kiddos during these long winter months during a pandemic.

Cocoa Stir Sticks - these are so cute and fun surprise. I keep a bunch in our tea pantry for special treats.

Water color paint set - one of our favorite activities, minimal mess and loads of fun.

Playdoh stamps - awesome for practicing letters, spelling and play in general.

Electric tooth brush - we replace the girls a replacement tooth brush every six months, and I have been considering a better electric toothbrush.

Mints - these are my substitution to the Altoids the girls somehow love.

Dots - these sets are so fun. We gave the girls these and Ami needed some help but she had a lot of fun.

Card game set - we love game night and these will be great for everyone.

Lego Set - we always get the girls a couple lego sets and these small ones are so fun!

Joke book, so many we have and love and also I SPY books are a big hit in our house and Paint by stickers, also something Zoe loves doing.

I plan on my next posts being baby, toddler & kids, him & her. Nice and simple and mostly gifts I am actually giving. I am also providing a gifting service to my clients, where they can reach out and have me shop, wrap and ship a gift for them this month.