Summer Water Toys For Kids

We have three weeks left of school and I am READYYY. Ready for a slowwwwww summer, with a lot of at home Spanish lessons (need to get these girls more comfortable speaking Spanish!), some work books, some road trips, tutoring to miss that summer slide and a whole lot of outdoor PLAY.

We have a yard this summer and are enjoying every second so far. And after getting some toys that only last a second I know the ones that truly engage my girls, so I thought I would share more. This will be a three post round up, this first one is water toys that we love or want, the second one will be backyard toys and the third some simple play invitations to set up for your kiddos when you want to get work done along side them. And I always remind anyone that is shopping my suggestions that you don't need to have all of these at once, try and think of what your kid would enjoy and engage with the most. What do you have space and the budget for and also the invitations to play/activities will have a lot that you can do with out big purchases if you are not in the market for any of these!

1. We have this pool, and I love the size and the bench. Will be getting myself a little float to have my cocktail in! Ha!!

2. If your looking for a smaller pool and more aesthetically pleasing I would grab this shell one.

3. I just ordered a slip and slide for outdoor playdates (that we hope to have soon!)

4. We also picked up a new sprinkler for the yard on days we don't want to fill the pool, this one has lights and is so fun.

5. I also really love this sprinkler pad, especially for younger babes that may be a lot more work in a pool, this is refreshing and not dangerous.

6. I know that I want to invest in a water table that is a bit more interactive for sensory play, for sand or water beads, and saw this one. Plus it's not an eyesore!

7. Don't get me wrong we have had a couple versions of this one and the girls love them.

8. I tried to convince O that we should get this water slide pool, and I still think we should, imagine the summers of fun with this!

9. This rainbow sprinkler!! Omg, it looks so fun and cute for BBQ's and playdates, I swear water play is our favorite so something like this would be endless amount of fun for the girls. (I am going to round up a bunch of our favorite invitations to play with different toys like this!)

10. We had some of these last summer, an alternative to a water gun which I will not buy. I am going to look for them because they also are fun in the bath too!

11. Water balloon baseball bats!! Oh these must be soooo fun. Have kids set up teams on a play date and set up a game, especially great for older kiddos.

12. This pool with a basketball hoop, looks so fun.

13. I also think that this Aquaplay set looks incredible, an interactive water table but with more to play with than the baby ones. Would be great for science lessons too!

14. Water Easel looks like so much fun! We love to paint and create and this would be easy cleanup!

15. Jumbo Water Beads are staple for us, we use them in a play sink (linked below), a plastic bin, water table, bath, and so much more sensory fun.

16. Speaking of a play sink, with real water, this is the one we have and the girls LOVE playing with it. I love that it can easily be played with inside, I use a few towels underneath, on a terrace/patio or in the yard. And it's easy to move around.

I cannot wait to share more!