Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Hey hey happy Monday!

I am sitting here, getting ready for another week of virtual school and watching emails come in from Z's Kindergarten teacher which reminded me I made a promise to share Teacher Appreciation gift ideas! Gift for these incredible souls doing so much on the other side of your computer.

Here are a few ideas:

Jeni's Ice Cream either a gift card or actual ice cream!

Flowers, always a good idea and I have loved these Farmgirl flowers so much.

A video of your kiddo sharing 5 things they love about their teacher or reading her a book or singing a song. I swear to you this will mean the world.

A homemade card, our teacher sent us her address and told the kids if you write to me, I will write back. A homemade card would be awesome.

A gift card, think of all the supplies, books and special things you teacher has bought out of pocket, not just during this time but during the year. A small gift card is always appreciated, we poll money together with all of the parents and our classroom teacher buys her a gift card. Think, Amazon, Target or Staples!

An insulated coffee mug! I love the yeti and think its a great gift for these teachers doing so much and some even managing their own kids virtual learning!

Hand creams! I am partial to the clean and safe products like this Beautycounter trio but something like this they will always use!

Leather notebook! is a useful thoughtful gift for a teacher in your life!

I love this printable that you can add the kids names to. It's so sweet. This is for sure a year teachers will never forget.

This candle is funny and cute, if you know your teacher is a candle lover this may be a hit!

And this personalized Starbucks cup!! Again this will only work if you have your teachers address which I am sure you can get to send a little something. I may do this one for her and a couple of my teacher friends, so cute!!!

Another cute printable! And I have a friend that does these printable stickers for wine bottles with her kids pictures on them, genius! These may be what I am doing for end of year gifts, may have to hand deliver it!

These teachers are super human and doing the impossible with virtual learning. It has honestly been an honor to watch how much goes into making my little ladies brain work. Hard for us but can you imagine them, how much they have to adjust and change.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to make a teacher in your life feel as special as she is!