The end of a decade.

With this whole new year approaching, with a whole lot of similar goals. Just being the best version of myself for these two sweet girls of mine. I worked so hard on organizing my life, our closets and drawers, organizing paperwork and finding a system that keeps me on top of everything a bit more. In the next year I plan on doing so much more of that, specifically on a few big things that have been boggling me down.

And whether you bring in the new year in sweatpants with takeout (Chinese is our tradition) or in fancy sequins with a glass of champagne, I hope you will be spending some time looking back on the year.  Make sure and remember the highs and lows because you have got to have both in order to appreciate the most best moments, you know?

And after being so glad to say goodbye to 2018 (blog post on my intentions for the year here), 2019 has been a much happier year filled with adjustment, new experiences, milestones and a whole lot of memories.

I hope you’re leaving 2019 with some happy memories, and if you are not, sweet mama, I see you, and know that I’ve been there.  Let's get ready for that fresh start, because there is nothing at all like a new year for new beginnings.

Thank you so much for being a part of Chic Boston Mama In New York City and for your support, love and grace on this journey as I figure out that I do want to grow this little blog of mine into so much more.  The whole family appreciates you more than you know! 

I hope you lovelies have a fabulous and safe New Year’s! 

XO –


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