8 Tips on Detoxing After Lots of Indulging

The holidays are all about indulging, enjoying and I am working on retraining my brain to not feeling regret over enjoying my favorite things. But I do know that I feel it in my actual gut, and my skin when I have indulged. So I have given myself a little routine for "the day after". Scroll down to see my tips.

//My Sweater // My Jeans // My Earrings // Ami's Dress //

#1 One big change that I have been doing for the last few months is having a version of the Bonberi smoothie to break my fast. This is usually around 12, sometimes later if I am not hungry. Before that I have lemon water, and coffee but nothing else.

(I make enough for breakfast and lunch + some for Ami)

To make the smoothie I first blend bag of baby spinach with unsweetened coconut water. Blend until smooth, then add a bunch of cilantro blend really well,

add whatever lettuce we have on hand and blend,

add a a cucumber, half a bunch of celery and blend really well,

2 big handfuls of frozen mango, 2 apples and do the final blend.

#2 Detox Bath - dissolve 2 cups of epsom salt, 1/4 cup of baking soda into a tub full of hot water. I like to add some essential oils like rose or lavender to make it some me time. Remember to rinse off in cold water to close up your pores.

#3 Dry Brushing before every bath or shower. I use this brush and I swear it leaves my skin so smooth but I have also seen a huge difference in some cellulite spots, will report back on this.

#4 Exfoliate in the bath with these gloves, I do this with a body oil right before getting out of the bath. I really love the Beautycounter sugar scrub too.

#5 I use this charcoal face mask once a week (really has helped my pores!!), and this overnight resurfacing mask 2- 3 x a week. No more dark spots or acne scars for this girl!

#6 CHUG water, I drink a lot of water regularly and up the amount a ton after indulging. Bonus point if you add fresh lemon juice to it.

#7 Make time to get active, before my detox bath I make sure to get in a sweat or even stretch session. I will jump on my Peloton, or get outside with the girls. Even some jumping jacks and 15 minutes of yoga will do it.

#8 Lastly, lymphatic facial massages. My face is usually crazy puffy after a night out or little sleep and this massage does wonders. I do these in the morning and at night but up to three times "the day after". I use this brightening oil when I do this in the morning and the cleansing balm (which I leave on at night as a moisturizing mask).

I hope these steps helps you feel and look better! But most of all let yourself enjoy these meals, drinks and if you aren't enjoying them then don't eat/drink them. Listen to your body and leave behind the guilt. We will not get these days/moments back so SOAK IT ALL UP.