Travel Favorites - Switzerland

Hey hey!

First post after one of my favorite trips of all time. Taking the girls and hubby to Switzerland (where my twin brother lives) was a dream. I am working on a few posts, like where we went (everything was so family friendly), tips on traveling to Switzerland and more with my brother and sister-in-law.

But for now I thought I'd start off with some favorites items I could not live without on our trip.

I just started using jewelry again after a long time of not doing it, and this kept it super organized.

I used our stainless steel straws all trip!

Melissa & Doug pads were easy to pack and life savers at the hotel! (these water pads are great too!) 

Loved this cropped button up (size up it runs small).

I have these linen pants on now, they are like pj's. Perfect for the hot weather we had, and can totally be dressed up or down.

Birkenstocks (Eva Sandal, waterproof and very comfy), thinking I need these for the Fall.

Short rain boots, it rain a couple of the days and these are incredible! they are comfy and easy to put on and off + work well with dresses) Mumu dress (wore this 3 times in the heatwave!)

White button up shirt (mine is a Boden shirt) I have worn these to death, and they are very comfy and look so chic. Carrying and keeping water cold was huge. I love this cup and need to order the straw! I got this straw bag and am still using/loving it! And these market bags were perfect for trips tot he store (trying to reduce waste but also bags cost money in all stores!) Overnight mask & cleansing balm kept my skin looking fresh on the plane and through out the trip.  The Brightening Facial Mist was the perfect way to refresh my skin. I used sunscreen on all of us but this stick was in my bag for reapplication the whole trip! Best prize they got was the stick on earrings, beware of the meltdown that happens when they drop one.... And this one was also a hit. I spoke to our pedi about melatonin and she gave us a thumbs up. With Ami's disease it is key that she get rest and it really helped get them to somewhat skip over the jetlag. we used and liked these a lot, no reaction and it really helped them wind down. (other tips were sticking to our nighttime routine, closing the curtains for complete darkness and the sleepy-time essential oil roller).

Do you have any travel favorites you've used this summer?