Twenty Gifts Under $30 For Mama

A friend reached out and wanted some ideas on little gifts to send some special mamas in her life. So I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share! Some of these are included in my other gift guide for Mother's Day.

1. Pretty little diffuser!

2.House plant set!

3. I have two of these with each of the girls initials and I LOVE how dainty they are.

4. This PJ set is perfect for lounging and breakfast in bed!

5. This Strong As a Mother mug for your bestie!

6. I love this wooden frame for your photo loving mama. Bonus points if you print a pic to frame.

7. Himalayan night light is suppose to be a calming and help promote great sleep, I got one of these for the girls.

8. This one is $40 but it's beautiful journal for an expecting mama.

9. Love a monogram notebook!

10. I am much more a diffuser than candle girl, but can never resist a beautiful one for you candle lovers, these smell heavenly.

11. These beautiful slippers look so cozy!

12. I love this little set for your plant loving mama friend!

13. Love this little angel of the garden!

14. Cannot forget my favorite gift for every mama, this Yeti mug has changed my coffee lover life.

15. These acrylic glasses are just perfect for the mama in your life that loves to entertain, ahhh cannot wait for summer and wine sitting by the water.

16. This glow gel is just what us sleepy mamas need! (and the lash set is $40 but it's by far my favorite natural mascara, this face mask is suppose to be amazing!)

17. And I also love these little mini facial oils, they work really well and natural!

18. This dress is out of stock in many of the prints but some would arrive by May 2nd, they are my favorite house dresses!

19. I just bought myself these hoops, under $20 and so cute for every day!

20. A robe is perfect for any mama in your life, especially know when we are all spending so much time slowing down. Love the tye dye!

I hope these ideas are helpful for you as you shop for any of the mamas in your life.