Valentine's Day & How We Approach It With Our Girls + Crafts

I can't find the red dresses from H&M but loved these heart dress//Pom pom sweaters are old.

Valentine's Day. I've always believed that other than my mama's birthday the 14th of February is a holiday created for consumers to spend and retail businesses to make money. But can we look at it differently? Well I sure have. I am a first generation Latina, and daughter of a single mama who worked her butt off to make life as good as possible for us. She made all holidays pretty special with very little money. And after having kids I realized you get an opportunity to bring a little magic for them, just like my mama did for us. I love creating a little special set up for them the morning of a holiday. But the last couple years I have also used the time to really talk to both girls about how we can make this less of a materialistic holiday, how we can take the day as an extra special day for those we love and care about.

A day for friendship, kindness and love. Not just for lovers and sparkly gifts, although the girls both love small gifts/surprises (definitely one of their love languages), it's also a day to spread kindness and happiness. Especially during these dark times.

I am making sure that we do some special for family, friends and neighbors. Like little heart Valentine's that we will drop in our neighbors mail boxes (we did this for Christmas and it was a big hit!), we are printing the cute pics above for some family and mailing out some other cards to some special people in our lives, a sweet something goes a really long way but most of all taking the time to make them, think of others, thinking of ways to surprise someone or how they will feel when they get it really instills something in these little humans.

So bust out the paint, glitter and get creative or you can get some of these kits that we have been enjoying.

Flower Kit.

Heart Threading Kit.

Craft bucket.

Card kit.

Craft set.

I also love this craft set and have gifted to so many kiddos. I also have this post on Valentine's Day crafts from last year but honestly I love just putting out supplies on our dining room table and letting the girls get creative.

I'll be uploading some really cute things that I'll be surprising the girls with, our favorite books and some cute wardrobe for VDay over the weekend! But here are some ideas linked here and follow me on LikeToKnowIt for more!



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