Ways I am Keeping My Anxiety Under Control During A Pandemic Part 2

Ways I am keeping my anxiety during a pandemic part two is simply a follow up of a post I published last May. We are all still living through a pandemic, virtual school is up and roaring and the loom of another wave is upon us. For me the hardest part is really being torn on the fact that I truly love being cooped up with my family during this time when I feel really inspired. I love a great routine, and am REALLY loving living by the beach and not in an apartment like my first post.

But I would be crazy not to mention how torn I feel on the fact that I see so many other just living their lives and it's hard to watch! I too want to eat at restaurants and not feel crazy panic. Am I screwing up my kids by keeping our circle so small and still social distancing? Am I going to be scared forever? Will I ever feel like watching a movie with people and no masks makes me so anxious that I have to keep reminding myself its just a movie? Will we ever see out other family? When will we see friends and have play dates and create memories. Will this year be a wash with no travel, no real fun or change in life...

Gosh this all sounds nuts but it's true, I am torn. And all that in the same breath as saying I KNOW we are doing what is best for our family, trusting in science, living as healthy from the inside out, leaning on homeopathic and over the counter ways to stay as healthy as possible and leaving the rest up to a higher power. I know this because in my heart when I sit quietly every morning meditating I feel at ease with my decision. And I have to often remind myself of some wise words from my brother after he first met Zoe, "ignore the noise, you are doing an exceptional job."

Ignore the noise my friends, ignore it like you life depended on it and do what is best for you and your family. But let's not be judgy on those that choose differently than us. LEt's respect the fact that we all have risks we can and cannot take. Let's respect that we get the chance to choose and do and live the way that we KNOW is right.

I wanted to share some things that I do every day to help ease my anxiety during an ongoing pandemic (with a few people in my family that are high risk these things mean so much to me).

1. Meditate - I have been using the Melissa Wood Health App or the Calm App, I do 10 - 30 minutes depending on time and what I have to get done that day.

2. Move my Body. Also using the Melissa Wood Health with this because of the easy of picking the amount of time and kind of workout. I also will do a post on a bunch of free workouts I have been loving online. My girl Meredith also posts so many great ones.

3. Drink plenty of water. I drink at the minimum 1/2 of my body weight in ounces of water. (so if you weigh 100 pounds you would drink 50 ounces of water) I also drink warm lemon water and 16 ounces of water before I even have coffee in the AM, sometimes SUPER hard but really feel a difference in my gut and mental state when I am hydrated.

4. Step away from social media. I often delete the app during the day, or for days at a time to really help me stop the IG comparison game. Or the mindless swiping. And by taking out a distraction and reminding myself that in order to be the person I want to be I have to get certain things done. For example dedicating uninterrupted time towards the girls, posting here on the blog more often, or sharing great newsletters, allowing for my energy to go toward client work and building my Beautycounter business really helps me succeed at the things I put on the top of my non-negotiables list.

5. Wake before my family and create a high level of importance around my alone time. The girls (unless sick) are not allowed to come down before 7am, they can play, color or read but I have started talking to them about the importance of why I wake before the family and how I need this time is for me to be the best mommy, and not even daddy gets to interrupt it.

6. Detox baths. One of my favorite self care practices has always been baths and I make this a high priority. 2 cups of epsom salt, and some baking soda, super hot water and my favorite candle burning or oil diffusing is my most favorite thing to do. It's even better with ear pods and a really great light novel.

7. Eating more plants. Game changer on the gut health and finally losing some of this pandemic 15, lol!! I start every meal, in a very Bonberi way with greens, and then eat a meal with greens. I stick to when I feel like eating, and stop when I feel to full. I honestly could do better around the treats but you know what, we are in a Pandemic and it's alllll about balance.

8. Get outside, every damned day. Rain, shine, freezing cold or heat wave. All of us must do this.

9. Going to bed early. I do have to work in bed, after a long day it's the only wrap up time I have to blog or work on client's stuff and I will set some time aside to IG scroll but getting to sleep by 10 is a must for and the only way I can get up at 5am. I have most recently found that I work better in the morning and well this flow of energy to not try and multi task all day and then try to get work done when I am tired.

10. Which leads to uninterrupted time. I do not only set aside time to work out on my own, meditate, work on the blog or other projects but I also do this with the girls. I set aside some time to be completely with them every day. No phones, no multi tasking, just sit with them and color or talk through school work, or build with blocks, I ask questions, "tell me more!", I make eye contact, we snuggle, we read and reread favorite books, we have dance parties or walk on the beach with our magnifying glasses.

11. And finally a bonus that I am working REALLY HARD ON. I try not to let myself compare. It can be really hard to not compare the perfectly dressed cuties or mamas, the perfect homes or activities on IG but in my meditation every morning I remind myself "I am enough. I am enough. I and everything I do is to the best of my ability right now and I am enough." And maybe the pictures on my blog or IG will get better later when I have more time and a photographer or maybe my next house will be perfectly decorated, and more time for crafts/activities when we don't have virtual school but maybe not. What I am doing is enough right now and when it doesn't feel like it is then I want to stop. It is so harmful to compare your life to one that you can only see through the screen.

I am sharing this because in these times when it feels like we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, our families wellness, legit all of the tasks, we need to remember that whole if my cup is empty thing. Find what works for you and fill the dang cup, so that you can care for those around you. Sending love and light.