Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day During a Pandemic

1. Mail out classroom cards! I know this isn't feasible for everyone but we are doing them for Zoe's class, I know our girls LOVE mail so this will be a pleasant surprise. I am cutting out hearts, letting Zoe add things they love about each classmate and then decorate them.

2. Make and deliver cards for neighbors! We have a bunch of Halloween candy, and treats from our delivery person basket that we are going to leave for neighbors with a card. We did the for Christmas and they all loved them.

3. Set up a zoom party! Invite family or friends, put out crafting supplies, music and have everyone bring a treat for the kiddos to celebrate a day of love and friendship. And don't forget to plan a zoom game or two (this site has some other fun games!)

4. You could set up a indoor scavenger hunt, leaving love notes and clues for your littles.

5. Decorate Their Door. I didn't order Valentine's Day decor for the beach house, like I have done in the past but we have so much in storage that I decided to chill but I will be cutting out hearts and writing things I love about the girls and taping on strings to hang on their door. This is a cute way to just tape them on.

6. Craft it up! I have a ton pinned here and supplies here. & here. I love just putting out supplies and letting them just lead the activity. You can even put out some themed snacks, light some candles and make it special. We then gift said crafts and artwork to family, a very pleasant surprise in the mail!!

7. A special gift. I have been doing little Valentine's Day baskets since Z was 2, this year we have pj's a new book each, a couple bracelets, Maileg mice to add to their collection and Sarah silk scarfs that I have been holding onto. I have done a spacial treat, coloring book/fresh crayons, stickers, stamps, coupon book (think extra screen time, one on one date, craft supplies, etc. What you give will honestly depend on you and your child. Mine really love the SURPRISE, so some simple balloons, special heart shape pancakes with sprinkles and their little gifts will have them on cloud nine. What I hope they remember? Is how special they are to us!

This post shares a little more on how we approach this and many holidays with our girls. I will always believe that matching your surprises with your kiddos love languages ( I loved this book!) is the best "magic making". It isn't the things that they will remember but the feelings that all of it brought.



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