What Mama Wore Lately

Hey hey,

I am trying to keep up with these, what mama wore lately: to have outfits on another place other than on the LikeToKnowIt app, so here is a few recents. Trying to dress more for me, my mood and what I am doing that day instead of what is in. And you guys it makes me so happy. fashion for me is not just what is in, but what fits my body and what I feel looks good on me. Nothing like a little self care that means I look in the mirror and am happy with what I see. Cheers to more of that in 2020.

Love love my overalls and stepped it up with this neon blazer (mine is from rent the runway) but still kept it mom-friendly with some sneakers. Also adding a cross body strap from Madewell to my LV Speedy (amazing deal on this one!!) was the best thing ever. I do want to get an insert in hopes that the bag has a better form.

Much more recent look, just bought a size smaller in the denim because these are old and SO flattering. They have a good amount of stretch but hold in just enough to make this mama happy. The jacket makes the outfit and is a Rent The Runway score, but I linked a couple affordable options.

Nothing like an oversized oxford in your spring wardrobe, as coverup, over dresses, tied up with a midi skirt or just like this for a cute polished mama look.

I wear these pants so much that I have 4 out 10 photos in them. But they are so flattering that I do not care, under $40 and just hands down a Spring favorite. The top and shoes are old but I liked similar.

This is one of those spring, under $20 dollar tops I will wear over and over. So flattering, happy color and the perfect amount of floral.

This is a look you will see me in often, when the weather is quite warm enough but I am a rebel and pull out the maxi dress anyway. Nothing like some hightop chucks to complete the "playground after pick up" look.

Another layered look for a cooler day. I have 2 or three of these Free People cardigans and they are worth ALL the hype. I pair over a dress, over a tee & midi skirt or leggings. And Dr Martens and fedora are a great waymace the outfit a rainy day outfit!

This look is just a mood and I am so here for it. The Chanel flats were a gift from the hubby, I linked a whole page of them on The Real Real, I love that they take any look up a notch. The open knit cardigan is a really oldie Zara sale find (like 10 years ago!) and I have been on the lookout for something similar for years.

That is it for now. These take a chunk of time to save the images and link everything, so please let me know if it's worth it or not!! But when I think about where I see my blog in the future I definitely see a place holder in inspiring women to dress in a way that makes them happy when they look in the mirror. It is in fact, a way to be the best version of yourself so I will keep doing it if you want me too!