What Mama Wore -Winter Break Edition

Going to keep this series going since it's a big part of how I make myself simply feel better and like the old me. I am not a fashion blogger (I wishhhh) but I take inspiration from some of my favorite bloggers and try my best to atleast reflect my personality, and love for a cute outfit, even if it is just sweats with a fancy coat.

Travel look made chic with this camel over coat, but really it's like wearing PJ's out in public and I am here for it.

Target Fleece Tunic W/ Zippers // Fleece Joggers // H&M Coat // Slides // Similar Bag (mine is few years old, Valentino but I have my eye on this one)

I wore this look to watch the Christmas Spectacular with Zoe and for a dinner just recently! Velvet or faux leather leggings can make any tunic or mini dress winterized!

Baby Doll Dress 1 /2/3/4 / Faux leather leggings // velvet leggings // My OTK boots on sale! // Similar OTK Boots //

Faux leather pants // Cardigan //Black Beanie (I have worn this look so many times, with a turtle neck underneath for pickups or just the cardigan for Noche Buena!)

Black Cardigan 1 // 2 // 3 - Black beanie 1 // Faux Leather pants 1 // 2

This Sweater was a Real Real score, I really love the whole line but it is just a burst of spring during these cold months.

Similar ruffle sweater 1// 2 // 3 // Levis //

I have worn a version of this outfit so many times, most recently with these snow boots.

My Green Teddy coat 1 // 2 // Cropped Top //Cropped Top 2// Paperbag Denim Pants // My Chanel Flats are another The Real Real score, I really want a two tone pair!

Everything from the denim on denim, rain booties and hat is called, "I need to look put together but feel completely the opposite" outfit! But seriously it is fool-proof look. Just wishing I would have had more time for some accessories! You could easily dress this up with a camel coat, some pumps, and bright lip.

cropped denim 1 // 2 // 3 // Chambray Button Up 1 // 2 // 3 //rain boots // chelsea parent boots// Wool Fedora 1 //2